2018- say what?

The year is off and running. Can't believe we are 4 weeks deep into 2018.. whoa! I hope this year has found you in good health and spirits. I love the beginning of a new year, it's always exciting to me..seeing what the year will bring. No two seasons are ever alike and for me… Continue reading 2018- say what?


Time flies when you’re having fun..Almost 6 months!!!

This morning I stumbled upon our 'vows.doc' file while cleaning out my desktop storage. I remember us printing these out the afternoon before our wedding. We printed THREE copies of our vows. #1 for Greg to keep in his suit jacket-Those were the ones we would be using at the ceremony. #2 I packed in… Continue reading Time flies when you’re having fun..Almost 6 months!!!

Not my step heart, my whole heart

I love getting a little peek into the lives of my customers. The items I make play a small part of their story- birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, milestones of all kinds AND.... my personal favorite...proposals! I was extra excited and moved to tears when one of my customers graciously sent me photos of how she and… Continue reading Not my step heart, my whole heart

30 days of design. Day 5: Athena within me

Athena within me. Mixed media art. Athena is in the middle of the piece, surrounded by dark woods, her head is bowed down . A Church can be seen in the distance to the left.... but the sun is shining from the right. I recently read a blog post by Brandon Capuano. In his post… Continue reading 30 days of design. Day 5: Athena within me

3D Butterfly Cupcake toppers

  Just listed in our etsy shop, butterfly cake toppers that coordinate perfectly with our pinwheels (40 colors to choose from) https://www.etsy.com/listing/119496488/butterfly-cupcake-topper I knew these would be a hit with my kids. After taking these photos I decided to leave a few of the cupcakes out without saying a thing. After eying them, smelling them,… Continue reading 3D Butterfly Cupcake toppers

Save the Date

I love collaborating with photographers, they know exactly what they need and have an eye for seeing the beauty in truly anything! I asked Nicole, the photographer of this session, to give me an idea of a Save the Date sign that she would like to use and this was the sign I designed for… Continue reading Save the Date