House within a home

  Last night Ben slept in his card board house, all night long. His list of essentials: purple pillow (he had since crib days) three stuffed animals (bunny, mouse, bear)  sleeping bag  led flickering candle his pillow pet which cast a brilliant display of color changing stars throughout the house and a cup of water.… Continue reading House within a home


The land of Counterpane

Today I wanted to share my favorite poem with you. It's a poem that my dad learned in school, taught us, and it's one that he can still recite  today. It's about a boy who's sick in bed but lets his imagination and toys take him away to the land of counterpane. The photo below… Continue reading The land of Counterpane

Starry, starry night

Last night after a bath and instructions to get dressed for bed, my kids decided instead to wear bath robes (mine), sit in front  of the fireplace and pretend it was Christmas. I promptly grabbed their new library books and made hot chocolate. Stolen, unplanned moments like these make me enjoy motherhood the most. We… Continue reading Starry, starry night