Seattle Bride

My husband is from Seattle. We've lived in Seattle, WA for many years so to be featured in a top Setattle/Puget wedding website was thrilling for us! Click on the photo below to see post! Now I need a short, vanilla latte, no foam, extra hot, with nutmeg...half a dash! Top Row: Heart tags by… Continue reading Seattle Bride


Papper Polaroid in German Wedding Magazine

One of the best perks about having an Etsy shop is getting to meet new people from all across the globe who share a passion for trend, fashion and paper crafting :O) I recently got a message from, Stephanie,  a writer for, , a  German online portal  "all about weddings". She was so kind… Continue reading Papper Polaroid in German Wedding Magazine


YOU SAW IT HERE FIRST: I'm introducing a new pennant banner option for my customers THIS WEEK that is personal(and customizable)  yet has that vintage touch we have all come to love. I think I'll call it the "Vintage story book banner" The pinwheels in this picture collage along with the die cut" Happy Birthday"… Continue reading sNEAK pEEK!!!