Time flies when you’re having fun..Almost 6 months!!!

This morning I stumbled upon our ‘vows.doc’ file while cleaning out my desktop storage. I remember us printing these out the afternoon before our wedding. We printed THREE copies of our vows. #1 for Greg to keep in his suit jacket-Those were the ones we would be using at the ceremony. #2 I packed in our luggage as backup in case the first copy got lost or spontaneously combusted . #3 was backup to the backup that we kept in the car….. Just in case #1 and #2 didn’t survive 🙂

Our vows were an extremely important part of the wedding, writing them came easy. We knew what we brought to each others lives, and what was important to say. We read them aloud to each other a few times before the ‘official take’ never without dry eyes. In case you were wondering what was said…. you can take a look, here is the copy of our vows vis-à-vis copy #4

Yes, and..please hold us accountable to them.

Gregory, good morning honey. Thank you for reading my posts even when it’s just a picture of a watercolor whale… that I didn’t paint nor have references to credit :/ I just wanted you to know that you are indeed my immovable anchor, the one place on earth where I can go to always for anything (credit: his vows) You put my stars back in order and with you I feel completely seen and loved. And yes, I’ve had two cups already…NO, not rum!….Coffee silly… with rum!………JK MG LOL MMK (props to the kids, now we know how to speak in all caps)



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30 days of design. Day 6: All Sons and Daughters

all sonsI was reading from the book of Acts this morning. Peter had just healed a lame man and the people who witnessed the miracle were greatly amazed.  Peter responded to the bewildered crowd by saying, ‘Why do you look so intently at us, as though by our power or godliness we had made this man walk?’ (Acts 3:12)

His words made me think about a few things…Peter knew he was powerless and ungodly. He knew it! AND as natural as breathing, he confessed. I am amazed because our natural inclination is to take credit..especially if we have been trying to be good. Peter could have said, ‘because we follow Christ, His power is in us’ and it would have been a truthful statement but Peter also mentions his ungodliness.

Peter knew clearly that it was God working through Him. Maybe Peter had just sinned..maybe Peter tried operating out of his own power and knew his limitations or maybe the spirit of God moved in such a way that was unlike any experience he had know. Peter knew that It was God’s breath in his lungs so the glory naturally went back to where it originated.

All sons and daughters lyrics.
“Great are you lord.”

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Chevron Pattern Trend

This Beautiful set was inspired by my love of all things Chevron. My take on this subtle trend translated over stone. This is a simple yet stunning collection to own..There is something bold and military about the Chevron trend yet it can be a soothing, and almost a calming design to look at because of its repetitious pattern. This set would be perfect for any lover of fashion. This set can be purchased at my “other” Etsy shop, MEADOW TEA. Just click the photos to be re directed to my shop!



I’m introducing a new pennant banner option for my customers THIS WEEK that is personal(and customizable)  yet has that vintage touch we have all come to love.

I think I’ll call it the “Vintage story book banner”

The pinwheels in this picture collage along with the die cut” Happy Birthday” will be available for purchase as well. They’re new too!

Thank you for the amazing response to my humble blog! I’m not the best at it…..this I know….. but I’m glad to hear your positive feedback and see your numerous clicks :O)

x0x0 Candace

Pip and Bean

Purchasing on etsy gives me customer  perspective which can be invaluable. From receiving a package to opening it to all the extra handmade touches..buying handmade is truly an experience in itself . AND What an experience we had when my son’ s super hero cape arrived. I purchased the cape from the seller, “Pip and Bean” on etsy and I was IMPRESSED to say the least!

The cape was perfect in every way. The colors, neatness, symmetry, construction, comfort, attention to detail! WOWZER… When my son put it on, he transformed into a super hero, the cape has magical properties..well more like imagination activating properties!

I was pleased and would absolutely pay more for something so well made.

Well done Pip and Bean, you know I’ll be back!!!