DIY Fidget Spinners 

​These fidget spinners seem to have appeared from nowhere and all of a sudden they’re everywhere. This weekend Greg and Ben found a tutorial to make their own spinners using just two items- skateboard bearings and superglue. Enjoy:

Our invitations are hankies! :)

One of the perks of having a small wedding is that you can include special details on a much smaller scale. For the invites we wanted to create a vintage-y, romantic look that would also be a keepsake for our parents. The idea of printing on cloth really appealed to me. Greg wears pink very well, I think it’s cute that he calls it ‘faded red.’ So I came up with the font layout on top of a ‘faded red’ hankie design, printed it on cotton, folded it handkerchief style, enclosed in a cardboard sleeve, and placed a kraft-colored heart seal on the back. It was meant to be a quick sample idea of what I had in my head, but we both liked how it turned out, we didn’t change a thing. So here they are:

( I excluded the date, time, place in these photos. They are located just below our names in the same font as above our names. It’s a square, cloth invite that I plan on framing)

100 Adorable Printables {they’re all free}

an oldie, still a goodie


You really can’t go wrong with this list! Have fun :O)


  1. Chevron Invitations & Tags – The TomKat Studio
  2. I’m Sew Very Happy Print – CRAFT
  3. Kokeshi Doll Recipe Cards – Creative Mamma
  4. Vintage Round Labels – Cathe Holden
  5. Summer Fruit Labels & Tags – Creature Comforts
  6. Gingham Set for School – Bird’s Party
  7. Whatever Is Printable – Arian Armstrong
  8. Vintage Shell Clip Art – Martha Stewart
  9. Beautiful Thank You Cards – Do-It-Yourself Invitations
  10. Toy Bin Storage Tags – Lily Jane
  11. Vintage Music Sheets – Crafty Secrets
  12. Star Trek Paper Dolls – Paper Thin Personas
  13. Lavender Wrapping Bands – Daily Suze
  14. Canning Party Printables – Cottage Industrial
  15. Star Wars Tags & Stickers – Living Locurto
  16. Vintage Inspired Placemats – The Pretty Blog
  17. Turquoise & Red Banner Invitations – HGTV
  18. Recycling Bin Labels – Poppytalk
  19. I Love Us Print – Eighteen25
  20. Mama’s Gonna Snap Poster –…

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Amateur screen printing

Last night the whole family(our family of 4, my parents, my sis and her family of 4) went out to dinner. After dinner all 10 of us made an impromptu trip to target.

Impromptu trips are the best, impromptu trips to Target.. well can that get any better?

Full bellies, no rush, love..laughter..conversation… visual inspiration(color, texture, fonts, patterns) a creative art-attack was bound to occur.

Tea towels, fabric paint, and brushes came home with us last night!

When new supplies are in the house it’s as if my brain instantly categorizes the new inventory and merges them with the old.

SO, out came the painters tape and silk screen templates and after about 45mins the art-attack was over!


The photos are bad…I was 10:30pm and taken with my phone!




This morning Ben saw the new tea towels drying on the table and wanted to know how I made them “all by myself”

so I gave him a little lesson and he made a few more “all by himself”.

(can’t show you all we made since a few will be going to Grandma for Mother’s day)



I want to experiment with other screen printing techniques like using fabric markers to make geometric designs

and even making my own screen using these:



Hoping that I’ve inspired you to have an art-attack today! :O)

Thanks for checking in! And happy Wednesday!!

Spring miniature garden(aka grownup playhouse)

I am not a green thumb gardener but this year I plan on changing my colors.

I  have been enamored with the miniatures section on etsy, impressed especial with the hand made minis.. garden fences, tiny lamp post and rustic benches that transport you to a sort of fantasy world that you design. Adding live elements makes this world come alive in a whole new way.When when I googled ‘fairy garden’ I was inspired further by these mini worlds…the cuteness, charm, quirk and most importantly..the maintainability!

 This link gave me a place to start and lots of visual inspiration:

I wanted to create three different themed pots but when I found these houses I knew they belonged together. The houses I used are in fact functioning birdhouses made for the outdoor environment by ‘Gardener’s Eden’ and their prices were surprisingly affordable ($25.00-$39.00)

If you have any questions at all, feel free to leave a message and I do my best to answer and questions you may have.

house15 house17 house18 house9 house16 house8 house7 house6 house5 house14 house4 house3 house12 house11 house2 house1 house19

Spring is Springing!

the wheatfileds

Made an easy valance for my laundry room window this morning using three lawn flags and some ribbon.
(I purchased the flags at ‘Fresh Vintage’ by Amy. Amy gives wonderful decorating tips “there are no rules in decorating”..Fresh Vintage is my FAVORITE place to get lost and inspired)

Katie Daisy is a watercolor artist on etsy, her whimsical and happy watercolor artwork became an overnight success story! You can find her cheerful prints all over the country and here on etsy where her work was discovered:

Neon slime..preschool fun!

My youngest son Ben loves squishy, gooey things so I knew we had to try making our own goo/slime. It was easier than I anticipated and  lots of fun!

The first thing that he said while holding the fresh, pink goo in his 5 year old hands was, “I love you mom!”  Project success!!


White glue

Food coloring

Borax (detergent booster)



Mix 6oz of white glue(1 bottle), 1/2 cup water, 6 drops food coloring

(see above photo)


pour colored glue mixture into:

1 cup water and 1tsp borax(stir water and borax till it dissolves, may still have granules)



stir using plastic spoon…gently kneed ball…mixture should NOT be sticky .

The slime will start out as a highly flexible polymer.

Eventually  become stiffer and more like putty. Then you can shape it and mold it!







DIY Map covered Ampersand

Today my ampersand arrived in the mail from:

( hand cut wood shapes)

It took me 10 mins to decorate and display it using an old map as my decorative paper.

Here’s how simple it was:

Trace shape and cut with scissors

(don’t have to be too neat with  the cutting but you should make sure the map covers the entire shape)




I used double sided tape as my adhesive of glue mess or wait time involved with tape!

Trim excess paper with scissors.



Use sandpaper.. I was out of sand paper and used a nail file which worked just as good..

Sand edges in a downward motion to smooth edges and create a flush surface (between paper and wood)

This step also gets rid of excess paper and creates a thin white edge around your shape which gives it a finished touch!


That’s it!!!!  And for $7.50 you have a unique accent piece that’s 100% handmade!!!