Trinidadian food with style in Lancaster city- Callaloo Trinidadian Kitchen.

Last night we ate at Callaloo, my sister and her chef husband’s restaurant. It is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss out on. Zack’s comment after his first bite of curry chicken and buss up ( a thin, soft Indian flat bread) was, ‘this tastes so nostalgic’. What a huge compliment that attests to the authenticity of the food. Greg, (my Lancaster county boy) thinks their peanut punch should be bottled and distributed everywhere 🙂  A smile and a ‘wow!’ followed his first taste. Ben still regrets not ordering some buss up to go.

Everything was outstanding and made for a wonderful family experience- from the food presentation, and soft island music in the background to the friendly and kind service. It is clear that a lot of sweat and love went into every aspect of this business. It made me smile to see LLB and cucumber/tomato salad on the menu- that’s Amos and Amanda 100% . My sister grew up around the restaurant world and gleaned from it but this is all unique and truly a venture that is original. Callaloo is a great date night spot (it’s on our list) and fuses nicely within the Lancaster culture. We are SO proud of Amos and Amanda and wish them the best of luck!

I plan on trying everything on the menu but for now I would have to say that the bread pudding stole my heart…wowzer!



A Robin hood themed restaurant.

Date night was in the most impressive tree house. Check out Loxleys, a Robin hood themed restaurant…the ambiance was awesome, food yummy( many gluten free options) and the bar and music made us want to stay all night long…we especially liked the touch screen jukebox- the customers can DJ by making song selections for a buck.                                                          ‘Legend has it that in the 13th Century, in the area of Yorkshire England, Robin of Loxley, better known as Robin Hood, made a name for himself by lightening the purses of the wealthy to benefit the needy. Loxley’s will donate 5% of your food bill to the featured organization you choose. Being part of a legend has never been so easy or so much fun.’