Time flies when you’re having fun..Almost 6 months!!!

This morning I stumbled upon our ‘vows.doc’ file while cleaning out my desktop storage. I remember us printing these out the afternoon before our wedding. We printed THREE copies of our vows. #1 for Greg to keep in his suit jacket-Those were the ones we would be using at the ceremony. #2 I packed in our luggage as backup in case the first copy got lost or spontaneously combusted . #3 was backup to the backup that we kept in the car….. Just in case #1 and #2 didn’t survive 🙂

Our vows were an extremely important part of the wedding, writing them came easy. We knew what we brought to each others lives, and what was important to say. We read them aloud to each other a few times before the ‘official take’ never without dry eyes. In case you were wondering what was said…. you can take a look, here is the copy of our vows vis-à-vis copy #4

Yes, and..please hold us accountable to them.

Gregory, good morning honey. Thank you for reading my posts even when it’s just a picture of a watercolor whale… that I didn’t paint nor have references to credit :/ I just wanted you to know that you are indeed my immovable anchor, the one place on earth where I can go to always for anything (credit: his vows) You put my stars back in order and with you I feel completely seen and loved. And yes, I’ve had two cups already…NO, not rum!….Coffee silly… with rum!………JK MG LOL MMK (props to the kids, now we know how to speak in all caps)



Vows Printed 2 Wedding vowsScreen Shot 2016-08-04 at 8.03.39 AMScreen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.39.47 PM


Not my step heart, my whole heart

I love getting a little peek into the lives of my customers. The items I make play a small part of their story- birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, milestones of all kinds AND…. my personal favorite…proposals!

I was extra excited and moved to tears when one of my customers graciously sent me photos of how she and her fiancé used a set of proposal props from my shop. Jennifer is a beautiful and excited bride- to -be…she’s also the future stepmom of two gorgeous boys (pictured below). Jennifer mentioned that although the photos weren’t picture perfect they were better than picture perfect to her. I absolutely agree . Those boys couldn’t take a bad photo if they tried. I also agree with her philosophy, picture perfect is boring.

Sometimes life goes better than we can ever plan or imagine. The picture in our mind can limit us. Being as open-hearted and relaxed as Jennifer is can only allow for more love and happiness to flow, not just in her life but to the ones she impacts and influences. Those boys are blessed..all three!

I wanted to share in hopes of inspiring you because I was inspired by this beautiful family. Jennifer was kind enough to share a few words about what this new role means to her.

Jennifer writes:

You know what’s better than perfectly staged pictures of two healthy, active, curious, one year olds? Knowing that before long I officially get to be stepmom to these cuties, and this hot guy’s wifey. Love my little family! When I came into their life they were not even two months old, I knew all three of them had my heart. Not my step heart, my whole heart. I used to pray and pray for twins. God has a funny way of answering prayers. I’m so blessed. What happens in reality is almost always better than what you pictured. It’s like God knows what’s best or something crazy like that.- Jennifer V.

icm_fullxfull.68802679_cko0v2kh43cwowokgcws icm_fullxfull.68802677_lhjsj6r2daoccck08sk8  Look at that cutie,all tuckered out!