Sunrise soap company

Today the boys and I visited Park city mall and stumbled upon ‘The Sunrise soap company’ in the fountain shoppes area (outside the mall.) We were literally drawn in by the wonderful scents 🙂 The space is just gorgeous and inspiring! Check it out if only to revel in the beauty of this shop….I mean….bath tubs filled with colorful bath bombs, gigantic rubber ducks, and gift ideas galore….ooh ya!

We were warmly greeted and given a quick run down of the shop. It was EXTREMELY exciting to hear that they host DIY workshops…yay! You can make your own body care products and soaps (without the messy clean up)..they even accommodate groups.

My head is spinning with reasons to return-I’m thinking:  DIY bath bomb date night, girls night out, soap making with the kiddos etc.

Enjoy some pics and go here for more info:


DIY Map covered Ampersand

Today my ampersand arrived in the mail from:

( hand cut wood shapes)

It took me 10 mins to decorate and display it using an old map as my decorative paper.

Here’s how simple it was:

Trace shape and cut with scissors

(don’t have to be too neat with  the cutting but you should make sure the map covers the entire shape)




I used double sided tape as my adhesive of glue mess or wait time involved with tape!

Trim excess paper with scissors.



Use sandpaper.. I was out of sand paper and used a nail file which worked just as good..

Sand edges in a downward motion to smooth edges and create a flush surface (between paper and wood)

This step also gets rid of excess paper and creates a thin white edge around your shape which gives it a finished touch!


That’s it!!!!  And for $7.50 you have a unique accent piece that’s 100% handmade!!!