DIY Map covered Ampersand

Today my ampersand arrived in the mail from:

( hand cut wood shapes)

It took me 10 mins to decorate and display it using an old map as my decorative paper.

Here’s how simple it was:

Trace shape and cut with scissors

(don’t have to be too neat with  the cutting but you should make sure the map covers the entire shape)




I used double sided tape as my adhesive of glue mess or wait time involved with tape!

Trim excess paper with scissors.



Use sandpaper.. I was out of sand paper and used a nail file which worked just as good..

Sand edges in a downward motion to smooth edges and create a flush surface (between paper and wood)

This step also gets rid of excess paper and creates a thin white edge around your shape which gives it a finished touch!


That’s it!!!!  And for $7.50 you have a unique accent piece that’s 100% handmade!!!