So nice, we did it twice.❤️

Last night we went back to the 'Blue Bird Inn' in Cornwall PA for our Friday Datenight. To our surprise and satisfaction, the same band played last night (almost the same- a few members were switched up along with their name 🤔) It was fun, I believe we ordered the same food and drinks 😃… Continue reading So nice, we did it twice.❤️


Day 2 of our vacation- by Greg Reinhart.

7/25/2017 Planes work!! Everything about today's flight went awesome. We breezed through security, had time to catch a bite, and took off on time. No turbulence, and only minor kicks from the toddler seated behind us. Landing in Punta Cana was eye-opening for me and familiar for Candace- she said that the landscape and buildings… Continue reading Day 2 of our vacation- by Greg Reinhart.

Day 1 of our vacation- by Greg Reinhart. (Guest blogger and my handsome husband)

7-24-17 So excited - alarm goes off at 3:45am. No snooze's. Up right away. Bags are already packed - just need to get dressed and take care of the last minute items. 4:30am and we're off. Candace and I are headed to Philly and then to the DR for some much anticipated one-on-one time. First… Continue reading Day 1 of our vacation- by Greg Reinhart. (Guest blogger and my handsome husband)

Sunrise soap company

Today the boys and I visited Park city mall and stumbled upon 'The Sunrise soap company' in the fountain shoppes area (outside the mall.) We were literally drawn in by the wonderful scents 🙂 The space is just gorgeous and inspiring! Check it out if only to revel in the beauty of this shop....I mean....bath… Continue reading Sunrise soap company