Our 1st Wedding Anniversary ❤️

A few days before our anniversary Greg and I looked at each other in slight panic. It was a ‘I think we shot ourselves in the foot’ kinda panic. We got married on leap day 2016 (Feb 29th) and at the time we thought it was a perfect, romantic and unique choice..we still think it is…the only problem we were having was figuring out what day to celebrate our anniversary – Feb 28th or March 1st? Feb 29th only comes around every four years…We went with March 1st, the clear choice…and we ended up having an extended celebration weekend as well! 🙂

My husband leaves me notes in the morning before he leaves for work…I’ll share the one he left the morning of our anniversary:

Being married to a man who is certain and happy in the life you have together is wildly passionate and at the same time brings so much comfort and peace to us both.

We saved the top tier of our wedding cake and wanted to partake in the tradition of eating one year old cake on our first anni.It was surprisingly yummy and not surprisingly – a tad dry. On March 1st we enjoyed our cake, exchanged presents and enjoyed looking back at the year gone by. Our first year of marriage was exciting, filled with new experiences and adventures, we learned so much about each other, the kids and most importantly we began figuring out what God would have us do with our lives. We are on the same page in almost every aspect and it’s been so easy to do life together.

W did a little wedding reminiscing.

On Friday we had our anniversary dinner. Greg took me back to the Inn at Leola Village where we got married. He made reservations at Te and we spent three hours enjoying 5 (it was actually more like 11) courses of food and wine.

At our table sat a beautiful vase of anniversary flowers. Greg had our wedding florist prepare an arrangement for the table.

I have NEVER enjoyed a meal like that. So indulgent and delicious. It was a tantalizing journey of luxurious and exotic foods..including, eel, octopus, lobster, duck, scallops, truffles, wild boar and escargot. The cheese trolley of imported cheeses was so decadent. Dessert was artistically strewn on the table and paired with an amazing Lambrusco and espresso served in waffle cones. WOW! We left feeling very satisfied and as we were headed to the car Greg pulled me aside to peek into the room(The Bella) where we got married.Peering into the window was like looking back at the year gone by.

We left Te with a bag of goodies, our personalized menus and a sweet surprise: A beautiful anniversary cake which we enjoyed with the kiddos the next day.

All in all, celebrating our first anniversary was fun, exciting, and luxurious 🙂 The most meaningful part for me was this gift.

A single tree, drawn by a local artist. It represents our first year. Trees were a theme in our wedding and with tears in his eyes, Greg told me that he wanted to build a forest with me.
I’m looking forward to building our forest together too😍❤️

Argon oil…A-mazing!!!!

fullsizerender1-copy-21I don’t usually do reviews..BUT this one is too good not to share!

I’ve been using this brand of argon oil for about three months now on my hair (a very small amount) and skin and I LOVE the results ..it’s not greasy and lasts for 24hrs.

I’m not into changing up my routine…still have the same face routine I had when I was 13…truly. HOWEVER..this oil is definitely part of my routine now!!!

This product is worth a try.  Amazon sells it for approx $15/bottle….check out the reviews!

Let me know what you think.


Ben is 9 today

Here’s the thing about Benjamin.

For some reason this child thinks that I can do no wrong. He envelops me with love and kisses daily. His heart is always tender towards the underdog, he is a friend to everyone and he is so perceptive… many times I wonder if he has superpowers 🙂 Ben just needs a glimpse of my face to know what mood I’m in and if I need a hug. He is highly empathetic and a giver by nature. And I am protective over him. When I feel like I can’t protect Ben, my whole foundation is shaken.

Today Ben is 9 years old and I remember his birth like it was yesterday. The first words I said to Ben were, “I am so in love with you.” And he has been reciprocating this sentiment back to me ever since. I know he will grow up one day ( all too soon) and the kisses and hugs will  become less frequent. But for today, I’ll soak it all in and enjoy my precious, gentle, always kind and caring Ben.


A Wicked Big Apple birthday ❤

My husband, Greg turned 45 yesterday…He looks amazing, doesn’t he 🙂

For his birthday I surprised him with a day in NYC. We took the train to Penn station(it was breathtaking to walk out of the station and into the heart of NYC), we did some shopping, grabbed lunch and walked to the Gershwin theater. We had sweet tickets to see Wicked…Wicked was AMAZING!  After the performance was over, we had just enough time to grab dinner at Azalea’s before hailing a pedicab back to the station (the pedicab in NY was such an experience.. let’s just say that the driver was skilled.)

The day was romantic, exciting and quite Christmassy

Enjoy our pics:




“She never stopped loving the man who never stopped dating her”-MatthewLJacobson

Date night in:

Last night we had the house all to ourselves. It was nice (and quiet… almost too quiet) We grabbed some beer, take out (@Rice and Noodles-yum) and watched ‘The Age of Adeline’ in bed. It was wonderful.

Newcastle brown ale is my new fav beer… Scrumptious 😋




Dates with Him

This weekend Greg is at a Men’s retreat with our church. It’s the first time that we’ve been apart since we got married and I miss my husband terribly. The house feels different and the boys are different too. I guess what I miss most is not being able to have date night or what we like to call, Fri-yay.

There are so many things in life that can steal your attention, time, brain space, energy. People,annoying people, family, work, situations- life is a constant barrage of information to process, decisions to make, errands to run. We can’t escape what life brings to the table, but we can choose what we eat. In other words- we get to decide who or what gets the best of us. Our kids get the best of us. And for us to be the best parents, it helps when we fill our relationship with fun, exciting, exclusive, adult time.

We know that Fridays are an investment financially but we also know that this is what we want to spend money on..It’s a rewarding investment. Also, Fridays may not always be dinner and a show. It might be a stroll in a park or a trip to the bookstore.

Fridays have become our unofficial, official date night. It’s been really nice. We found an awesome babysitter who we trust and who the boys love. As long as she shows up, we will go out 🙂 Friday nights have been an adventure- we’ve discovered that Lancaster city has much to offer. From 80’s cover bands to first rate symphony’s. We really enjoy being with each other in this way, it makes us feel like we’re still doing the dating dance. But more than the new foods and thrill of different activities, we get to enjoy the process. The planning, choosing the right outfit, the build up to our date is almost as much fun as the date itself and allowing the kids to see that we invest time in each other is very important. Greg is a very attentive husband and I get a thrill from knowing and seeing that he’s protective over me (in a healthy way). Sounds silly but it makes me feel beautiful and desired knowing that he’s always looking out for me. Going out, just the two of us, allows me to see what a gentleman he is. When a man cleans up nice, washes his car because you’ll be in it, compliments his wife at the right time, knows how to choose his whiskey, and knows how to properly smoke the occasional cigar- it’s intoxicating. Ladies- let him strut what he’s got, men need to know that you want and need them too. Your knees just might buckle when he holds the door open, looks up at you all clean and dapper and asks if you had a good time tonight.

Hebrews 13:4 Let marriage be held in honor among all

A few of our date night favs:

Tellus (80’s cover band)

The Ware Center

Mt Gretna Theatre (an open air playhouse)


Into the woods

Ere, in the northern gale,
The summer tresses of the trees are gone,
The woods of Autumn, all around our vale,
Have put their glory on.

The mountains that infold,
In their wide sweep, the coloured landscape round,
Seem groups of giant kings, in purple and gold,
That guard the enchanted ground.

I roam the woods that crown
The upland, where the mingled splendours glow,
Where the gay company of trees look down
On the green fields below.

My steps are not alone
In these bright walks; the sweet south-west, at play,
Flies, rustling, where the painted leaves are strown
Along the winding way.

And far in heaven, the while,
The sun, that sends that gale to wander here,
Pours out on the fair earth his quiet smile,–
The sweetest of the year.

Where now the solemn shade,
Verdure and gloom where many branches meet;
So grateful, when the noon of summer made
The valleys sick with heat?

Let in through all the trees
Come the strange rays; the forest depths are bright?
Their sunny-coloured foliage, in the breeze,
Twinkles, like beams of light.

The rivulet, late unseen,
Where bickering through the shrubs its waters run,
Shines with the image of its golden screen,
And glimmerings of the sun.

But ‘neath yon crimson tree,
Lover to listening maid might breathe his flame,
Nor mark, within its roseate canopy,
Her blush of maiden shame.

Oh, Autumn! why so soon
Depart the hues that make thy forests glad;
Thy gentle wind and thy fair sunny noon,
And leave thee wild and sad!

Ah! ’twere a lot too blessed
For ever in thy coloured shades to stray;
Amid the kisses of the soft south-west
To rove and dream for aye;

And leave the vain low strife
That makes men mad–the tug for wealth and power,
The passions and the cares that wither life,
And waste its little hour.

William Cullen Bryant