I’m published..whaat!!!

OK, SO…It’s been a while since I updated my blog….I actually have a new blog which I have been posting to (more about that to come)

Exciting news…I published my first book this week- ‘Sermon notes for teens‘- it’s actually more of a guided journal than a book and, it was birthed out of a desire to help teens get organized and dig deeper into God’s Word during the service. Teaching teens how to take good sermon notes will help them to build good habits for life. And hopefully get them to revisit the sermon 😉

My two teen-aged kids (well, Zack will be 13 soon) was the inspiration behind me putting this book together.

I have two other books I’m currently working on…hopefully they will be available in time for Christmas. (more to come about that too)

Sermon notes for teens is a basic yet fun note taking journal, it’s designed to help teens remain actively engaged during church service by taking meaningful notes. It contains 52 simple one-page templates designed to promote active listening and deeper thinking.
This book allows teens to easily record these key sermon elements:

-Date and Speaker
-Sermon title
-Key Bible verses
-Message points
-Application(what this means to them)

It is suggested for ages 13 and up.

A few deets:


The book can be purchased right now on Amazon.com and  Amazon.Europe:

(it can take 6-8weeks to appear in other channels: bookstores, libraries etc)


Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 4.10.50 PM


This is what it looks like….I designed the outer cover too 🙂 I was very pleased with how it looks and feels (was printed with a matte finish..very suede-like) The book measures 8″x10″


Inside the book there is a sample page showing teens how to use the template:


52 Sermons (a year’s worth) can be recorded in this book. I intentionally left out page numbers to give the book a more ‘journal’ appeal.

The template I came up with is simple and basic, yet allows for teens to get into a listening and writing rhythm.  I believe that God speaks to his people collectively and in a unique way during church service, children included. Although the pages are fun and light they do not distract with games, jokes, or template variation. I’m hoping that the intentional structure of this book will help teens focus on using it as a study tool and not a distraction.

img_6912img_6915 I love this verse: Tim 2:15


There you have it! My first book 🙂  Thanks for reading.

If you would like to order bulk copies, message me privately. ( I can get you a better rate)




So nice, we did it twice.❤️

Last night we went back to the ‘Blue Bird Inn’ in Cornwall PA for our Friday Datenight.

To our surprise and satisfaction, the same band played last night (almost the same- a few members were switched up along with their name 🤔)

It was fun, I believe we ordered the same food and drinks 😃 and sat in the same area.. we are indeed creatures of habit.


Day 5/flight day. – by Greg Reinhart.


Check out time 😦 All good things must come to an end, I guess… It’s sad to leave, but we’re both excited to get home to see the kiddos.

We slept in, ate breakfast and did some last minute shopping before hopping on the shuttle to head back to the airport- hopefully there won’t be any problems with the Cuban cigars…


Our shuttle got us to the airport with enough time to check-in, duty-free shop, grab some lunch and board the plane- perfect timing. The flight back was shorter than the flight down, but it was also bumpier. We watched an episode of Downton Abbey and a movie (Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

All went smoothly at Philly too- breezed through customs, no problems with the cigars 🙂 and luggage pick-up, although it took about 1.5 hrs to get from touch down to Fiat (lots of people at Philly airport…)

Candace’s mom was in charge of picking up the boys from Gretna Glen camp at 6pm so our landing was perfect timing to check-in to see how camp went. Both boys said that they’d like to go back next year-great news to hear since we weren’t in contact with them all week.

The drive home went quick, so did picking up the boys. It was great fun catching up with them- hearing how their week went, the good and the bad. Thankfully it was mostly good. They both had a great time- physically, emotionally and , spiritually. They made good friends and heard inspiring stories. Ben even got to see a chipmunk- so jealous.. We can’t wait to hear more about camp, and also to catch up with Grace.

This was a great week- lots of new experiences. And for me, all experiences with Candace are the best experiences. I can’t hardly wait for our next adventure.

Day 4 of our vacation- by Greg Reinhart.

We slept in a little this morning – felt good. Today is going to be a nice relaxing day. We had breakfast at one of the buffet restaurants – always good.

We then headed off for a couples massage at the spa. The treatment started by them asking us to walk  into a small pool filled with ice cold water. I marched right in – WOW…VERY cold. Candace, being much smarter than me, did not go in. We then spent about half an hour swimming around in the spa pool and hot tub.

We dried off and laid down on the cabana bed to await our turn with the masseuse. I fell asleep – usually do. I’ve been blessed with the talent (or skill, or curse?) to be able to take small naps basically it will. The massages were really good, very relaxing.

Then it was off to the pool. Candace said that she wanted to ‘see how dark she could get,’ she usually likes to stay in the shade, because it literally only takes minutes for her to get a tan line, but this afternoon we both jumped in and meandered around the snaking pool for about an hour and a half, we love spending time together, today we definitely accomplish that.

on a separate note – to my amazement, I’ve been mistaken for a local three times so far, all by locals. The first time, the guy told me I look like Alex Rodriguez. Not sure if I buy that. Matt Damon maybe…

We ate dinner at Spice- great sushi and meals, however we both had to give up on the chopsticks and asked for forks.

Then it was off to the Plaza (the main area near the lobby) to sit in on some karaoke.

We’re both still too shy to actually participate, but it’s fun to watch and sing-along from the safety of your chair. There was one dude that did an awesome Elvis and Bruce Springsteen, he obviously does a lot of karaoke back home… And another guy ( who I dubbed Spandau Ballet guy) that sang and obscure Spandau Ballet song (Gold.) odd choice, but he nailed it… We wrapped up our evening with a walk on the beach, as well as Candace giving me a couple of dance lessons while looking at the stars and listening to the waves break on the beach.

Beautiful girl, beautiful beach, beautiful life.

Day 3 of our vacation- by Greg Reinhart.


Today we took a tour outside of the resort. We headed out at about 10 AM to go to the Don Lucas cigar factory. It’s a very small cigar producer but the area they have not only cigars but also chocolate, coffee, rum and a pretty awesome store.


The cigars they produce a very good – our tour guide (Who could’ve been Francis Chan’s twin brother) promptly gave us two free cigars. And Candace jumped into be a guest torcedor- she bunched and bound a cigar that was then wrapped and given to us to take home. Can’t wait to try it😊. The store also had a huge humidor, with plenty of Cuban selections. We got a box of Bolivia’s to go along with the box of Don Lucas’.

Later in the evening we headed to Mercure, a French restaurant. The food was really good, and the portions were just right – Enough to satisfy but not enough to make you feel uncomfortable.



Something I forgot. We started off the day by getting up early to watch a Caribbean sunrise. We were on the beach by about 5:50 AM. There’s a ton of seaweed here for some reason – they even have a special tractor-pulled machine to clean it off the beach each morning. There were a lot of clouds on the horizon but it was still a beautiful sunrise. It felt great standing in the water (and extremely soft sand) with Candace watching the sky light up.



Day 2 of our vacation- by Greg Reinhart.


Planes work!! Everything about today’s flight went awesome. We breezed through security, had time to catch a bite, and took off on time. No turbulence, and only minor kicks from the toddler seated behind us.

Landing in Punta Cana was eye-opening for me and familiar for Candace- she said that the landscape and buildings are a lot like Trinidad.

We also breeze through the DR airport, found our resort transfer quickly and we were on our way to Secrets Royal Beach. From the initial greeting of our driver to hotel check-in to on beach waiters, all were extremely helpful, friendly and courteous.

This place is awesome. The room is big and the bathroom is super cool. And our patio, WOW! Because we’re at the end of the building, our patio is huge- it’s L-shaped, with a soaker tub… such a great place to sit and enjoy the tropical breeze-and smoke a Fuente, which I did…

We spent our day exploring the resort and doing what we do best, hanging out with each other. Dinner was supposed to be at the Hibachi grill, but they lost our reservation. Oh well, dinner was still great at the buffet restaurant. Tons of great and unique choices.

For tomorrow- plans for a tour of a local cigar and coffee factory, hanging at the pool, and spending time with my lovely Candace. Can’t wait.


Day 1 of our vacation- by Greg Reinhart. (Guest blogger and my handsome husband)


So excited – alarm goes off at 3:45am. No snooze’s. Up right away. Bags are already packed – just need to get dressed and take care of the last minute items.

4:30am and we’re off. Candace and I are headed to Philly and then to the DR for some much anticipated one-on-one time. First stop- parking. The GPS missed the airport but brought us right to a private parking lot with shuttle service. Not bad…

All the check-in formalities went very well, we even had time to grab some breakfast. Then came bad news #1- flight delayed. No big deal, just two hours. More time to sit with my beautiful wife…

We both love to read, so many books were packed (about 4 each) and one more was purchased at the airport store. Problem is, if you want to call it a problem, that we like to talk to each other even more than we like to read. We love both chit-chat and deep conversation. We’re always picking each other’s brain- seeing what makes each other tick and, maybe just as importantly, figuring out what makes ourselves tick.

Then comes bad news #2- our plane needs a new tire. Shouldn’t be a big deal, only adds another hour or so to our wait. Again, this just gives us some more time to sit and enjoy each other. I really love my wife- did I mention that already?

We’re technically on vacation, so we’re both in relax-mode and are both so happy to be spending time together that another delay is no big deal. We’ll be in Punta Cana soon enough, but for now we still get to enjoy each other’s conversation and presence.

Just as we’re revving ourselves up for boarding #3, we get bad news #3- flight cancelled. No other flights available till tomorrow morning. In stride, like always, we work together to call the airline, call AAA, get re-booked and nail down all the particulars that will be needed for tomorrow and the rest of the week. We’re a great team. Calm, cool, thoughtful and thorough. The best part, of course, is that we do it all together.

To some, a first day of vacation like this would ruin their week. For us- it was our first day of vacation. This week is about spending time with each other, loving each other- and that’s exactly what we did. I’m looking forward to doing just that again tomorrow, and every day.

To my husband on Father’s Day

Everyone who draws breath “takes the lead” many times a day. We lead with actions that range from a smile to a frown; with words that range from blessing to curse; with decisions that range from faithful to fearful… When I resist thinking of myself as a leader, it is neither because of modesty nor a clear-eyed look at the reality of my life…I am responsible for my impact on the world whether I acknowledge it or not. So, what does it take to qualify as a leader? Being human and being here. As long as I am here, doing whatever I am doing, I am leading, for better of for worse. And, if I may say so, so are you.- Parker Palmer

Gregory, thank you for your love and for leading our family the way you do- everyday- in big decisions and small ones too. We all flourish in your presence and we thank the Lord for you!

Sunrise soap company

Today the boys and I visited Park city mall and stumbled upon ‘The Sunrise soap company’ in the fountain shoppes area (outside the mall.) We were literally drawn in by the wonderful scents 🙂 The space is just gorgeous and inspiring! Check it out if only to revel in the beauty of this shop….I mean….bath tubs filled with colorful bath bombs, gigantic rubber ducks, and gift ideas galore….ooh ya!

We were warmly greeted and given a quick run down of the shop. It was EXTREMELY exciting to hear that they host DIY workshops…yay! You can make your own body care products and soaps (without the messy clean up)..they even accommodate groups.

My head is spinning with reasons to return-I’m thinking:  DIY bath bomb date night, girls night out, soap making with the kiddos etc.

Enjoy some pics and go here for more info: http://sunrisesoapco.com/