Book collaboration with my husband📚📖

OK. SO, many of you already know that Greg and I have been married for approx. one year, eight months. But not many of you know the story of how we came to be (gonna save that gem for another time). Greg and I are undeniable soulmates. He waited for me as I went through… Continue reading Book collaboration with my husband📚📖


What a difference a mom makes.

A little over a year ago, Ruth Oosterman wrote on Bored Panda about how she collaborates with with Eve, her two-year-old daughter, to create beautiful works of art. Now, the Toronto-based Canadian artist is back with new paintings. How does this creative duo go about creating their work? Eve, who’s now 3, uses a felt-tip pen to doodle… Continue reading What a difference a mom makes.

I have a teenager..OMG Let’s talk about girls…

Saturday night at Zack's football game a girl approached me in the bathroom and wanted to talk about Zack. I remembered her from his kindergarten class, she also attended his 7th birthday party. She told me that she liked Zack back then and only wanted to sit by him in class and she asked me… Continue reading I have a teenager..OMG Let’s talk about girls…

I’m published..whaat!

OK, SO...It's been a while since I updated my blog....I actually have a new blog which I have been posting to (more about that to come) Exciting news...I published my first book this week- 'Sermon notes for teens'- it's actually more of a guided journal than a book and, it was birthed out of a… Continue reading I’m published..whaat!

Day 2 of our vacation- by Greg Reinhart.

7/25/2017 Planes work!! Everything about today's flight went awesome. We breezed through security, had time to catch a bite, and took off on time. No turbulence, and only minor kicks from the toddler seated behind us. Landing in Punta Cana was eye-opening for me and familiar for Candace- she said that the landscape and buildings… Continue reading Day 2 of our vacation- by Greg Reinhart.

Day 1 of our vacation- by Greg Reinhart. (Guest blogger and my handsome husband)

7-24-17 So excited - alarm goes off at 3:45am. No snooze's. Up right away. Bags are already packed - just need to get dressed and take care of the last minute items. 4:30am and we're off. Candace and I are headed to Philly and then to the DR for some much anticipated one-on-one time. First… Continue reading Day 1 of our vacation- by Greg Reinhart. (Guest blogger and my handsome husband)