Hello you, Thanks for checking my about page. My name is Candace and I enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge. 🙂 I’m a wife, mom, stepmom, business owner and an AVID coffee drinker. I TOTALLY love music from the 70’s AND coming up with wicked, fresh ideas to put on mugs. (yes, you did hear me say.. wicked, fresh and 70’s all in the same sentence) I LOVE my little mugging life in Lancaster and I would LOVE to be a small part of your big day. Send me a message and let’s chat!

Wedding favors are definitely the cherry on top!

Our mugs are classy, sassy and made to last for years to come. Your wedding guests will reminisce about your nuptials every time they sip from their mug. We are a coffee fueled operation nestled in the heart of Lancaster, PA. And we ship FAST, to any part of the US. Being a recent bride myself, I know that love is in the details. When it comes to your wedding details, we’ll work hard to create a one-of-a-kind item just for YOU! What would you like your mug to say?

Our items can be purchased here


and here:




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