So nice, we did it twice.❤️

Last night we went back to the ‘Blue Bird Inn’ in Cornwall PA for our Friday Datenight.

To our surprise and satisfaction, the same band played last night (almost the same- a few members were switched up along with their name 🤔)

It was fun, I believe we ordered the same food and drinks 😃 and sat in the same area.. we are indeed creatures of habit.


Day 5/flight day. – by Greg Reinhart.


Check out time 😦 All good things must come to an end, I guess… It’s sad to leave, but we’re both excited to get home to see the kiddos.

We slept in, ate breakfast and did some last minute shopping before hopping on the shuttle to head back to the airport- hopefully there won’t be any problems with the Cuban cigars…


Our shuttle got us to the airport with enough time to check-in, duty-free shop, grab some lunch and board the plane- perfect timing. The flight back was shorter than the flight down, but it was also bumpier. We watched an episode of Downton Abbey and a movie (Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

All went smoothly at Philly too- breezed through customs, no problems with the cigars 🙂 and luggage pick-up, although it took about 1.5 hrs to get from touch down to Fiat (lots of people at Philly airport…)

Candace’s mom was in charge of picking up the boys from Gretna Glen camp at 6pm so our landing was perfect timing to check-in to see how camp went. Both boys said that they’d like to go back next year-great news to hear since we weren’t in contact with them all week.

The drive home went quick, so did picking up the boys. It was great fun catching up with them- hearing how their week went, the good and the bad. Thankfully it was mostly good. They both had a great time- physically, emotionally and , spiritually. They made good friends and heard inspiring stories. Ben even got to see a chipmunk- so jealous.. We can’t wait to hear more about camp, and also to catch up with Grace.

This was a great week- lots of new experiences. And for me, all experiences with Candace are the best experiences. I can’t hardly wait for our next adventure.

Day 4 of our vacation- by Greg Reinhart.

We slept in a little this morning – felt good. Today is going to be a nice relaxing day. We had breakfast at one of the buffet restaurants – always good.

We then headed off for a couples massage at the spa. The treatment started by them asking us to walk  into a small pool filled with ice cold water. I marched right in – WOW…VERY cold. Candace, being much smarter than me, did not go in. We then spent about half an hour swimming around in the spa pool and hot tub.

We dried off and laid down on the cabana bed to await our turn with the masseuse. I fell asleep – usually do. I’ve been blessed with the talent (or skill, or curse?) to be able to take small naps basically it will. The massages were really good, very relaxing.

Then it was off to the pool. Candace said that she wanted to ‘see how dark she could get,’ she usually likes to stay in the shade, because it literally only takes minutes for her to get a tan line, but this afternoon we both jumped in and meandered around the snaking pool for about an hour and a half, we love spending time together, today we definitely accomplish that.

on a separate note – to my amazement, I’ve been mistaken for a local three times so far, all by locals. The first time, the guy told me I look like Alex Rodriguez. Not sure if I buy that. Matt Damon maybe…

We ate dinner at Spice- great sushi and meals, however we both had to give up on the chopsticks and asked for forks.

Then it was off to the Plaza (the main area near the lobby) to sit in on some karaoke.

We’re both still too shy to actually participate, but it’s fun to watch and sing-along from the safety of your chair. There was one dude that did an awesome Elvis and Bruce Springsteen, he obviously does a lot of karaoke back home… And another guy ( who I dubbed Spandau Ballet guy) that sang and obscure Spandau Ballet song (Gold.) odd choice, but he nailed it… We wrapped up our evening with a walk on the beach, as well as Candace giving me a couple of dance lessons while looking at the stars and listening to the waves break on the beach.

Beautiful girl, beautiful beach, beautiful life.