Day 3 of our vacation- by Greg Reinhart.


Today we took a tour outside of the resort. We headed out at about 10 AM to go to the Don Lucas cigar factory. It’s a very small cigar producer but the area they have not only cigars but also chocolate, coffee, rum and a pretty awesome store.


The cigars they produce a very good – our tour guide (Who could’ve been Francis Chan’s twin brother) promptly gave us two free cigars. And Candace jumped into be a guest torcedor- she bunched and bound a cigar that was then wrapped and given to us to take home. Can’t wait to try it😊. The store also had a huge humidor, with plenty of Cuban selections. We got a box of Bolivia’s to go along with the box of Don Lucas’.

Later in the evening we headed to Mercure, a French restaurant. The food was really good, and the portions were just right – Enough to satisfy but not enough to make you feel uncomfortable.



Something I forgot. We started off the day by getting up early to watch a Caribbean sunrise. We were on the beach by about 5:50 AM. There’s a ton of seaweed here for some reason – they even have a special tractor-pulled machine to clean it off the beach each morning. There were a lot of clouds on the horizon but it was still a beautiful sunrise. It felt great standing in the water (and extremely soft sand) with Candace watching the sky light up.



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