Day 2 of our vacation- by Greg Reinhart.


Planes work!! Everything about today’s flight went awesome. We breezed through security, had time to catch a bite, and took off on time. No turbulence, and only minor kicks from the toddler seated behind us.

Landing in Punta Cana was eye-opening for me and familiar for Candace- she said that the landscape and buildings are a lot like Trinidad.

We also breeze through the DR airport, found our resort transfer quickly and we were on our way to Secrets Royal Beach. From the initial greeting of our driver to hotel check-in to on beach waiters, all were extremely helpful, friendly and courteous.

This place is awesome. The room is big and the bathroom is super cool. And our patio, WOW! Because we’re at the end of the building, our patio is huge- it’s L-shaped, with a soaker tub… such a great place to sit and enjoy the tropical breeze-and smoke a Fuente, which I did…

We spent our day exploring the resort and doing what we do best, hanging out with each other. Dinner was supposed to be at the Hibachi grill, but they lost our reservation. Oh well, dinner was still great at the buffet restaurant. Tons of great and unique choices.

For tomorrow- plans for a tour of a local cigar and coffee factory, hanging at the pool, and spending time with my lovely Candace. Can’t wait.



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