Day 1 of our vacation- by Greg Reinhart. (Guest blogger and my handsome husband)


So excited – alarm goes off at 3:45am. No snooze’s. Up right away. Bags are already packed – just need to get dressed and take care of the last minute items.

4:30am and we’re off. Candace and I are headed to Philly and then to the DR for some much anticipated one-on-one time. First stop- parking. The GPS missed the airport but brought us right to a private parking lot with shuttle service. Not bad…

All the check-in formalities went very well, we even had time to grab some breakfast. Then came bad news #1- flight delayed. No big deal, just two hours. More time to sit with my beautiful wife…

We both love to read, so many books were packed (about 4 each) and one more was purchased at the airport store. Problem is, if you want to call it a problem, that we like to talk to each other even more than we like to read. We love both chit-chat and deep conversation. We’re always picking each other’s brain- seeing what makes each other tick and, maybe just as importantly, figuring out what makes ourselves tick.

Then comes bad news #2- our plane needs a new tire. Shouldn’t be a big deal, only adds another hour or so to our wait. Again, this just gives us some more time to sit and enjoy each other. I really love my wife- did I mention that already?

We’re technically on vacation, so we’re both in relax-mode and are both so happy to be spending time together that another delay is no big deal. We’ll be in Punta Cana soon enough, but for now we still get to enjoy each other’s conversation and presence.

Just as we’re revving ourselves up for boarding #3, we get bad news #3- flight cancelled. No other flights available till tomorrow morning. In stride, like always, we work together to call the airline, call AAA, get re-booked and nail down all the particulars that will be needed for tomorrow and the rest of the week. We’re a great team. Calm, cool, thoughtful and thorough. The best part, of course, is that we do it all together.

To some, a first day of vacation like this would ruin their week. For us- it was our first day of vacation. This week is about spending time with each other, loving each other- and that’s exactly what we did. I’m looking forward to doing just that again tomorrow, and every day.


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