To my husband on Father’s Day

Everyone who draws breath “takes the lead” many times a day. We lead with actions that range from a smile to a frown; with words that range from blessing to curse; with decisions that range from faithful to fearful… When I resist thinking of myself as a leader, it is neither because of modesty nor a clear-eyed look at the reality of my life…I am responsible for my impact on the world whether I acknowledge it or not. So, what does it take to qualify as a leader? Being human and being here. As long as I am here, doing whatever I am doing, I am leading, for better of for worse. And, if I may say so, so are you.- Parker Palmer

Gregory, thank you for your love and for leading our family the way you do- everyday- in big decisions and small ones too. We all flourish in your presence and we thank the Lord for you!


1 thought on “To my husband on Father’s Day”

  1. You’re welcome, it is my pleasure and honor. I love you’s so much 💖

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