Zack’s 12th Birthday party🏉

Zachary Anderson was born at 3:46pm at Swedish Medical Hospital in Seattle. He loves the Seattle Seahawks and football more than anything..he’s quite good at it too. Last night as I was tucking him in I told him that I had a story for him. He loves to hear stories before bed, so he was thrilled. I pulled out his baby book and showed him pictures of the day he was born, how his dad held him like a lil football and they watched his first  game right there in the hospital room. I also told him that as much as it is his dream to play football professionally I also had a dream. My lifelong dream was to become a mom and twelve years ago he made that dream come true and I have never wanted anything as much thus far.

I am so proud of this kind, thoughtful, helpful boy. I wish him a lifetime of joy, adventure, and opportunity to use his God given strengths. I watched him head out this morning for the bus and all I could think about was how can I slow time down.







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