A Robin hood themed restaurant.

Date night was in the most impressive tree house. Check out Loxleys, a Robin hood themed restaurant…the ambiance was awesome, food yummy( many gluten free options) and the bar and music made us want to stay all night long…we especially liked the touch screen jukebox- the customers can DJ by making song selections for a buck.

http://www.heritagelancaster.com/loxleys-restaurant                                                          ‘Legend has it that in the 13th Century, in the area of Yorkshire England, Robin of Loxley, better known as Robin Hood, made a name for himself by lightening the purses of the wealthy to benefit the needy. Loxley’s will donate 5% of your food bill to the featured organization you choose. Being part of a legend has never been so easy or so much fun.’




Mother’s Day 2016


My beauties surrounded me with beautiful things that touch my heart!  Can’t wait to use my 26 coupons from Ben- some are downright hilarious 😉

Zachary.. my 11 year old is growing up fast- seeing the mama and baby shark  brought tears to my eyes-he’s still a softie deep down inside.

Greg took the kids to pottery works to create gifts for Mother’s day- such a great idea!..he made me one too 🙂 ……GE is his nickname for me, only me and the kids know the meaning 😉

  Every year when I plant flowers I think of my mom and what a great gardener she is.

Grace made me a DELICIOUS cake- from scratch!!!

What a blessing it is to be a part of someone’s growing up. I am blessed and grateful to be mom to Grace, Zack and Ben.