A warm day in February-an almost elopement in the woods

I really don’t know what I was thinking scheduling an outdoor Bridal photo shoot in the dead of winter. But by some stroke of dumb luck it was 56 degrees and sunny on the 20th of February!!!! There was NO WAY we could have enjoyed ourselves and have captured so many beautiful moments if it were as cold as it was a few days earlier. Our shoot was scheduled to begin at 4pm, earlier that morning I grabbed a bouquet of fresh flowers at Central market, Greg’s gracious parents hung out with our kids as we managed to escape into the most perfect sunny afternoon/evening..I walked barefoot on warm leaves and mud to get to some of the breathtaking spots suggested by Meghan, our amazing photographer. We read our vows to each other, shed a few joyous tears. The whole thing was captured on film, can’t wait to see what Kent creates(amazing videographer who happens to attend the same church as us) Many more photos to come… This was our secret fantasy come true. Him and me…just us…an intimate moment..an almost elopement 🙂

Today I marry you Greg and I could not be filled with more peace or joy.

As we vow ourselves to each other before our children, friends and family I cant help thinking…how did I get so lucky. I love you. Best day ever!





3 thoughts on “A warm day in February-an almost elopement in the woods”

  1. It used to be ‘Feb. 29, here we come’. Today it’s ‘3:30, here we come!!’. I can’t wait to your husband 😘

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