Three weeks from today.

  Three weeks from today we say I DO! I gotta say that planning a small wedding in 8 weeks is very exciting and very do-able. Props to my groom for that…Greg’s easy going personality makes everything we do fun and a breeze. He’s very resourceful,dependable, he’s not afraid to voice his opinion (I don’t feel like I’m stepping over him and taking control), and for the most part Greg is VERY easy to please. The process is enjoyable and although the idea of an elopement is very tantalizing and romantic, I’m glad we did it this way. Our kids are getting to see us get married…that’s not the norm but it’s our beginning and they get to be involved in significant ways.

Did I mention.. our parents, family members and kids DON’T know the wedding venue :):):)

Typewriter Series #1403 by Tyler Knott GregsonCome say hello @TylerKnott on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Alterations, First Friday, shoes, topper…little details…having fun along the way.


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