A warm day in February-an almost elopement in the woods

I really don’t know what I was thinking scheduling an outdoor Bridal photo shoot in the dead of winter. But by some stroke of dumb luck it was 56 degrees and sunny on the 20th of February!!!! There was NO WAY we could have enjoyed ourselves and have captured so many beautiful moments if it were as cold as it was a few days earlier. Our shoot was scheduled to begin at 4pm, earlier that morning I grabbed a bouquet of fresh flowers at Central market, Greg’s gracious parents hung out with our kids as we managed to escape into the most perfect sunny afternoon/evening..I walked barefoot on warm leaves and mud to get to some of the breathtaking spots suggested by Meghan, our amazing photographer. We read our vows to each other, shed a few joyous tears. The whole thing was captured on film, can’t wait to see what Kent creates(amazing videographer who happens to attend the same church as us) Many more photos to come… This was our secret fantasy come true. Him and me…just us…an intimate moment..an almost elopement 🙂

Today I marry you Greg and I could not be filled with more peace or joy.

As we vow ourselves to each other before our children, friends and family I cant help thinking…how did I get so lucky. I love you. Best day ever!





V-day weekend ❤️

  We really took advantage of Valentine’s day..Our celebration started on Thursday with a royal shave and haircut for Mr. Gregory, Greg smelled WONDERFUL 🙂 On Friday night we got a babysitter and went out for dinner, ‘Hunger and Thirst’ we extended the night and had drinks at The Rendezvous lounge. On Sunday we enjoyed a really great time with the kids, they enjoyed playing for what seemed like hours. I’ve never been a big Valentine’s day fan in the past..seemed kinda forced but this year I really am grateful for my loved ones and will take any opportunity to show/receive love.

Three weeks from today.

  Three weeks from today we say I DO! I gotta say that planning a small wedding in 8 weeks is very exciting and very do-able. Props to my groom for that…Greg’s easy going personality makes everything we do fun and a breeze. He’s very resourceful,dependable, he’s not afraid to voice his opinion (I don’t feel like I’m stepping over him and taking control), and for the most part Greg is VERY easy to please. The process is enjoyable and although the idea of an elopement is very tantalizing and romantic, I’m glad we did it this way. Our kids are getting to see us get married…that’s not the norm but it’s our beginning and they get to be involved in significant ways.

Did I mention.. our parents, family members and kids DON’T know the wedding venue :):):)

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Alterations, First Friday, shoes, topper…little details…having fun along the way.


Advice to my daughter

Greg, you’ve always been confident that you were the man for me. And over time I have seen in tangible ways how your love has healed, refreshed and restored me.

Your love is:
profound, life-changing, healthy, uplifting,
joyous, inspiring and intoxicating

and February 29th can’t come soon enough.


His notes to me are short but carry so much weight and his words are backed up with action. Gosh, I love him so.


Advice to my daughter, Grace…. marry someone like your daddy.

The checklist:

Excerpt from-“My Little Book of Whether or Not He’s Worth It

My Little Book of Whether or Not He's Worth It... This is great.:

A man who makes me feel so excited, I can’t stop myself from
wanting more.
A man who doesn’t keep me guessing about his feelings and what he
A man who pursues me.
A man who sees me as the bright spot in his day.
A man who means it when he calls me baby.
A man who will forget about all the other things in his life before he
forgets about me.
A man who does what he says he’s going to do.
A man who doesn’t make me feel anxious, uneasy, or worse by being
in a relationship with him than I did being alone.

A man who makes an effort to be a peacemaker and bring harmony to
fights and disagreements.
A man who is not afraid of commitment and proud to call me his.
A man who makes being around him feel natural and easy.
A man who doesn’t suppress his feelings to look cool or appear
A man who never keeps me in the dark.
A man who never would do anything to compromise the integrity of our
relationship, or get anywhere close.
A man who can respectfully discuss issues without manipulation or
losing his temper.
A man who is strong and tough, but not a “bad boy.”

A man who doesn’t make me feel ashamed, needy or “unliberated” for
wanting marriage and a family.
A man with whom a relationship would bring me closer to my
aspirations for the future.
A man who makes me feel comfortable enough to bring up sensitive
A man who loves me enough to marry me in every time zone if that’s
what I wanted.
A man who doesn’t need forever to realize I’m the best thing that’s
ever happened to him.
A man who would move mountains to keep me.
A man who doesn’t like to be without me, instead of just not wanting
to be alone.

A man who allows me to love freely, without restrictions.
A man who doesn’t have to heal in the relationship, but has already
taken care of his past.
A man who makes it clear in his everyday actions that my happiness is
important to him.
A man who makes a constant attempt to love the people I hold dear,
and especially my family.
A man who does not engage in any activity to an extent in which I feel
A man who understands that there is no reason to yell at anyone ever,
unless for safety reasons.
A man who treats me just as perfectly in public and around his friends
as he does when we’re alone.
A man who treats me better than I feel I deserve.
A man who never belittles me to feel superior.
A man who goes out of his way to make sure I know my worth is
infinite, that I’m smart, valuable and deserving of everything I’ve ever
A man who hungers for information about me and doesn’t spend our
time solely talking about himself.
A man who has the ability and desire to provide.
A man who doesn’t make me feel like I have to give up anything
which I find to be essential for making life enjoyable.
A man who honors the woman I am and have the potential to

A man who will always want to protect me from things that frighten me.
A man who is nice to me all the time and who is clearly a good, kind,
loving person.
A man who makes me hope that my sisters and best friends can find
someone like him.
A man who believes in love the verb, not the noun.