A warm day in February-an almost elopement in the woods

I really don't know what I was thinking scheduling an outdoor Bridal photo shoot in the dead of winter. But by some stroke of dumb luck it was 56 degrees and sunny on the 20th of February!!!! There was NO WAY we could have enjoyed ourselves and have captured so many beautiful moments if it… Continue reading A warm day in February-an almost elopement in the woods


V-day weekend ❤️

  We really took advantage of Valentine's day..Our celebration started on Thursday with a royal shave and haircut for Mr. Gregory, Greg smelled WONDERFUL 🙂 On Friday night we got a babysitter and went out for dinner, 'Hunger and Thirst' we extended the night and had drinks at The Rendezvous lounge. On Sunday we enjoyed… Continue reading V-day weekend ❤️

Three weeks from today.

  Three weeks from today we say I DO! I gotta say that planning a small wedding in 8 weeks is very exciting and very do-able. Props to my groom for that...Greg's easy going personality makes everything we do fun and a breeze. He's very resourceful,dependable, he's not afraid to voice his opinion (I don't… Continue reading Three weeks from today.