Bridal Makeup- trial session

This was so fun!!!!!!!

Sephora is one of my favorite places to ‘hang out’ and coincidentally it was where I reconnected with Greg (my husband to be) a few years ago. I had my first Sephora makeover and was purchasing a few items, he was behind me in the line purchasing lipstick for his daughter Grace. I was a bit embarrassed about my striking look (aka raccoon eyes) but it didn’t stop us from chatting in the middle of the mall for what seemed like hours. Little did I know the next time I scheduled a make up session would be in planning for our wedding :):):)

For my bridal makeup, I want a soft look with blush tones. I brought a photo of what I had in mind and Kacie(MUA) was very accommodating and listened to my ideas.

I was very happy with the results..I might tone down the eyes just a bit.


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