Our invitations are hankies! :)

One of the perks of having a small wedding is that you can include special details on a much smaller scale. For the invites we wanted to create a vintage-y, romantic look that would also be a keepsake for our parents. The idea of printing on cloth really appealed to me. Greg wears pink very well, I think it’s cute that he calls it ‘faded red.’ So I came up with the font layout on top of a ‘faded red’ hankie design, printed it on cotton, folded it handkerchief style, enclosed in a cardboard sleeve, and placed a kraft-colored heart seal on the back. It was meant to be a quick sample idea of what I had in my head, but we both liked how it turned out, we didn’t change a thing. So here they are:

( I excluded the date, time, place in these photos. They are located just below our names in the same font as above our names. It’s a square, cloth invite that I plan on framing)


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