Falsies or nah!?

What is the deal with false eyelashes….? Why are they so uncooperative !!!😫

Last night I tried to apply and failed twice.This morning I was determined to get these spidery saucers on my lids and was finally   successful👌. The  trick is to apply ample adhesive on the corners of the false eyelashes and holding them down until the glue dries.

Make up Forever was the brand I used(I was kinda excited about that)….. They have many styles to choose from at Sephora, I went with one of the more natural looks.
I’m not sure about wearing these at my wedding.. It does feel kinda odd,  I might practice a few times to see if I can eventually forget that I’m wearing them and go from there.

They do add something extra, not sure if I’m sold just yet.


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