The ring- Born From the Stars

A few years ago and during a really difficult time in our lives Ben came home excited to give me a present that he found  on the school playground. “It’s a crystal mom!” I looked at it and instantly I took a second look. Bless his  little heart, he brought something he thought was pretty to give his mom and right away I knew he had found something very precious and possibly quite valuable. After calling the school -to make sure no one reported losing something- I took the ring to three different jewelers to find out what the gem was. It was gorgeous and the first two jewelers could not tell me what it was. The third confirmed that it was indeed a loose Moissanite gemstone. I knew at that moment, if I ever remarried it would be a Moissy ring for me.

ring2(My first Moissy from Ben)

I plan on making a necklace out of Ben’s gift and keeping it as a reminder of my son’s love and his giving heart.

I told Greg the story and explained why this was precious to me and it became precious to him too. The five stones in my engagement/wedding ring represents the five of us. I knew that I wanted an unconventional ring (think Princess Diana’s blue sapphire engagement ring.) Choosing Moissanite was an easy choice that reflects an experience that’s personal, and it really showcases our love.And in keeping with my unconventional ring ideas, I am opting out of getting a wedding band. My 5-stone Moissy set in white gold is plenty sparkle for my finger 🙂 Anything else will be too much. This week we check out rings for the handsome groom…I’m excited to see what he decides to get. He has a few awesome and unconventional ideas of his own 🙂 I love you Gregory (he reads my posts)

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 7.26.54 AMMy 2.8 carat Moissanite ring is  the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! The center stone is a 2.10 oval cut Charles & Colvard Near-Colorless moissy and the side stones are round brilliant cut Forever Classic™ Moissy Created by Charles & Colvard.

Born From the Stars

It’s literally out of this world…Ben was right, he did bring me a crystal.

ring(The night Greg proposed)

If you’re considering getting Moissanite…. a few fun facts:

The World’s Most Brilliant Gem

With a refractive index of 2.65-2.69, Moissanite exhibits more brilliance than diamond. And thanks to a dispersion that has 2.4 times the fire of diamond, Moissanite bends light into mesmerizing rainbow flashes of fire… more than twice as much as diamond, ruby, emerald, or sapphire. By day and by night, Moissanite’s conspicuous brilliance is spectacular.

Natural silicon carbide is impossibly rare on Earth; in fact, it first gained fame when tiny particles were discovered by the Nobel Prize-winning French chemist Dr. Henri Moissan at the site of a massive meteorite strike in Arizona. This intriguing new stone was named Moissanite in his honor, and Moissan spent the rest of his life attempting to re-create this rare mineral, which is among the hardest materials on Earth.

Many years later in a research laboratory in central North Carolina, scientists perfected and patented the innovative process that creates silicon carbide crystals, for Charles & Colvard®, with such purity that it rivals any earthly gemstone for fire and brilliance. In these gems, which are more durable than diamond, sapphire, ruby, or emerald, this fire and brilliance will last forever.

In nature, silicon carbide is created over millennia by a combination of extreme heat and pressure. Our researchers recreate those conditions in a controlled, profoundly accelerated process which produces durable, super-hard crystals with a minimum of ecological impact…and absolutely no mining.



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