Snow fun



Bridal Makeup- trial session

This was so fun!!!!!!!

Sephora is one of my favorite places to ‘hang out’ and coincidentally it was where I reconnected with Greg (my husband to be) a few years ago. I had my first Sephora makeover and was purchasing a few items, he was behind me in the line purchasing lipstick for his daughter Grace. I was a bit embarrassed about my striking look (aka raccoon eyes) but it didn’t stop us from chatting in the middle of the mall for what seemed like hours. Little did I know the next time I scheduled a make up session would be in planning for our wedding :):):)

For my bridal makeup, I want a soft look with blush tones. I brought a photo of what I had in mind and Kacie(MUA) was very accommodating and listened to my ideas.

I was very happy with the results..I might tone down the eyes just a bit.

Heart of Gold

Today I used some liquid guilding to transform a plastic heart (Found @Target) into a wedding accent.
It’s super easy to use, just be sure you’re in a well ventilated area. It dries almost instantly as well.

It’s so tempting not to dip everything in gold 😀



Our invitations are hankies! :)

One of the perks of having a small wedding is that you can include special details on a much smaller scale. For the invites we wanted to create a vintage-y, romantic look that would also be a keepsake for our parents. The idea of printing on cloth really appealed to me. Greg wears pink very well, I think it’s cute that he calls it ‘faded red.’ So I came up with the font layout on top of a ‘faded red’ hankie design, printed it on cotton, folded it handkerchief style, enclosed in a cardboard sleeve, and placed a kraft-colored heart seal on the back. It was meant to be a quick sample idea of what I had in my head, but we both liked how it turned out, we didn’t change a thing. So here they are:

( I excluded the date, time, place in these photos. They are located just below our names in the same font as above our names. It’s a square, cloth invite that I plan on framing)

Falsies or nah!?

What is the deal with false eyelashes….? Why are they so uncooperative !!!😫

Last night I tried to apply and failed twice.This morning I was determined to get these spidery saucers on my lids and was finally   successful👌. The  trick is to apply ample adhesive on the corners of the false eyelashes and holding them down until the glue dries.

Make up Forever was the brand I used(I was kinda excited about that)….. They have many styles to choose from at Sephora, I went with one of the more natural looks.
I’m not sure about wearing these at my wedding.. It does feel kinda odd,  I might practice a few times to see if I can eventually forget that I’m wearing them and go from there.

They do add something extra, not sure if I’m sold just yet.