30 days of design. Day 6: All Sons and Daughters

all sonsI was reading from the book of Acts this morning. Peter had just healed a lame man and the people who witnessed the miracle were greatly amazed.  Peter responded to the bewildered crowd by saying, ‘Why do you look so intently at us, as though by our power or godliness we had made this man walk?’ (Acts 3:12)

His words made me think about a few things…Peter knew he was powerless and ungodly. He knew it! AND as natural as breathing, he confessed. I am amazed because our natural inclination is to take credit..especially if we have been trying to be good. Peter could have said, ‘because we follow Christ, His power is in us’ and it would have been a truthful statement but Peter also mentions his ungodliness.

Peter knew clearly that it was God working through Him. Maybe Peter had just sinned..maybe Peter tried operating out of his own power and knew his limitations or maybe the spirit of God moved in such a way that was unlike any experience he had know. Peter knew that It was God’s breath in his lungs so the glory naturally went back to where it originated.

All sons and daughters lyrics.
“Great are you lord.”

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