Oh Friend.

She does this to me..did it from day one.

Some people just have a gift.

Thank you for all that you know I want to say.

Thank you for ringing my doorbell… 3 mins… all we needed.

Everything said…words not needed.

A hug and a kiss, a tear or two….done.

Seeing your beautiful face, beautiful basket, my beautiful friend.

Sun is shining inside our home on this rainy day.

Because of you.

You have always inspired me to create.

You are in so much of what surrounds me…

Pink martini on Pandora, Strasburg wine, Alfresco, Parisian chic, yellow shoes, RL, passion for life, worship, words, books…photography, motherhood, ….celebrating the everyday.

Had to blog about your highly creative, immensly meaningful gift.

It’s the details, love is always in the details. Hand written, selected, the colors,thoughtful, beautiful. You.

Thank you J.






The best part was the P.S.

3 “tulips” rising and blooming even when surrounded by “bleeding hearts” and in the middle of it all

One “Lily of the valley”



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