Oh Friend.

She does this to me..did it from day one. Some people just have a gift. Thank you for all that you know I want to say. Thank you for ringing my doorbell... 3 mins... all we needed. Everything said...words not needed. A hug and a kiss, a tear or two....done. Seeing your beautiful face, beautiful… Continue reading Oh Friend.


A small coat

Today I closed my eyes, just for a minute....40 mins later......eyes opened, it was 3:46 and I had missed the bus. I flew down the stairs...it was a blur Zack knew what to do....Seeing them together... walking through the door...safe and dry... in the house....long exhale...smile. Reassuring myself that they are ok, I am ok. It… Continue reading A small coat

Our Passover Hagadah

 Yesterday our small group(church) shared a Seder meal together, I had the privilege of hosting. It was my first time learning about and experiencing this beautiful, highly symbolic Jewish meal. I enjoyed the story/procession of the meal..coming out of Egypt... recounting persecution...entering into freedom. The symbolism of the four cups of wine (consumed over the duration of the… Continue reading Our Passover Hagadah

  “Here the whole world (stars, water, air, And field, and forest, as they were Reflected in a single mind) Like cast off clothes was left behind In ashes, yet with hopes that she, Re-born from holy poverty, In lenten lands, hereafter may Resume them on her Easter Day." (Epitaph for Joy Gresham) ― C.S.… Continue reading

Feels like Spring.

  Things are growing, stirring, changing...green Birds are singing (the symphony begins hours before daylight) Sidewalk chalk friends come out, neighbors come out scooter...bandaids....water bottles Itching to go to Zook's for flowers Ritas Roots Shorts park hopping Duck feeding at the Fulton Long drives Strasburg Creamery, Winery, Bakery First picnic on deck with boys (tacos… Continue reading Feels like Spring.

Quick post Tuesday:: Macarons with Uncle Michael

Basic French Macarons (Adapted from Pop sugar) NOTES The basic meringue-style French macaron is merely the springboard for your wildest color and flavor combinations. Try adding a teaspoon of Dutch-process cocoa and red gel food coloring for a red velvet macaron, or a 1/4 teaspoon rose extract and pink gel food coloring for rose. Always… Continue reading Quick post Tuesday:: Macarons with Uncle Michael