Mollie Makes paper hearts!


It came…jammed in my mailbox….took a good effort to pull it out…sweetness is always wrapped in brown paper… right!

My colorful paper hearts are featured on pg. 56 of Mollie Makes Weddings..the book issue. Mollie Makes is Published by Anova, a London based company.They sent me a complimentary copy..I thought it rather luvvly-jubbly(insert Brit accent)

What I enjoyed most about this featured was the fact that I was the one who took the photo. I remember exactly what I was doing when I snapped it. I was getting Zachary ready for school while simultaneously feeding Ben. It was a snap in time..and I was doing what I love in between loving on my family. Did not think the snap would make its way across the pond and in UK bookstores.


I think it shall be added to my coffee table book assortment.



Although Erik is no longer working with me, he was happy to see the feature.



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