Snow? No!

I really HATE snow..I hate it!

Especially this winter.

Worry, salt, ice, slip, new car battery, snow removal, stuck in the house, carwash, dirt, slush, no school, grocery lines, what ifs!!!

I wouldn’t miss a flake  if it ceased to exist!

Yes… it’s pretty for about a hot second before everything turns slushy/brown-grey!

Yesterday I about had it with the stuff…….but being the optimist that I am

 I came up with a list of 3 things I can try to appreciate about snow:

1) It brings out the creativity in others..Neighbors made a pretty cool igloo.

2) Ben is a snow lover…”Mommy watch me climb mount snow!”

3) We are forced to get active in creative ways.. indoors (thankful for after school bowling….plasma cars, treadmill and a basement)

This was yesterday …. I’m ready for Spring.



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