What a way to begin!

Zachary wants to be a  Navy fighter pilot when he grows up. His head is always in the clouds, or in a book. This flight to Trinidad was especially memorable for both my boys. As soon as we boarded the airplane and without hesitation, my mom ( Grandma is a rock star) asked the flight attendant if Zack could peek into the cockpit. The pilot and co pilot….to our surprise….got up and allowed both boys to sit in their seats for a good 5mins…..dream come true for Zack…. their kindness choked me up a bit….I knew this trip was going to be different..However, I did not expect the many blessings, traveling mercies and kindness of strangers along they way.

Sidenote: I would like to say that I dress them in matching shirts for strategic purposes ….but to be honest…I’m gonna do it as long as they let me..I know my time is short!







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