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Aldi told me that she was from Australia and that she and her fiancé (Rob) loved to travel the world so although it was last minute, she wanted to have a single 10″ atlas pinwheel shipped asap to the Four Seasons in San Fransisco. I made the pinwheel and two extra tiny ones which I later found out she used in her hair and on her grooms jacket.

Aldi and Rob eloped in June. She wore red tights, made a non-invitation(you have to read it), and wore a ‘yes’ pin that she made herself from clay. Aldi used the single pinwheels as her bouquet but really it was a statement of their love for traveling the world. She held that pinwheel all day…  her pics brought tears to my eyes and so much gratitude in my heart for what I ‘get’ to be a small part of every day…you never know what’s on the other side… I pray I never take this unique opportunity for granted.



photo credit: Gladys Jem


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