Beautiful cover of JT’s song.


Sand angel


Two days before Christmas…are you ready? I’m not…trying to remember that things don’t need to be perfect for Christmas to come…it was less than ideal accommodations for that baby who was born in a stable. Keeping close to my heart the meaning of Christmas today as I anticipate the celebration to come and as I allow generosity, peace, joy, and gratitude to fill my heart.

Besties and cousins

sick in bed… Yuck… drinking wine(island tonic) upside is that the boys are well! Forgive my dilapidated post… Not much else to do in bed but enjoy the company of my iPad and reminisce about Tobago. Bella and Ben are reunited and are inseparable, does my heart well!


imageimageCrafting all the live long day! 🙂

In Tobago a few day ago when my hands were steady enough to apply lipstick Ha.. True story!

The sweetest thing!

The sweetest thing!

My baby loves to put flowers in my hair(and the occasional weed).. ” you look beautiful mommy” how could a mommy not feel beautiful with a love like this!! We are enjoying Tobago and heading back to the mainland today… With two sick boys unfortunately. I hope to post something everyday if time allows.

Home for the holidays!

Home for the holidays!

Merry Christmas everybody! Thank you to my customers for allowing me to do what I love to do….for yet another year….I am ever-grateful!

Hope this Christmas season brings you love, joy, peace and unexpected surprises!
We will be spending the holidays with family in Trinidad and Tobago(home)…..Looking forward to eating, laughing, being…taking it all in: faces, places, sounds, traditions, customs….flowing with the rhythm of the island comes so easy..I’m going home.

See you in the new year.

Much love and gratitude,