Amateur screen printing

Last night the whole family(our family of 4, my parents, my sis and her family of 4) went out to dinner. After dinner all 10 of us made an impromptu trip to target.

Impromptu trips are the best, impromptu trips to Target.. well can that get any better?

Full bellies, no rush, love..laughter..conversation… visual inspiration(color, texture, fonts, patterns) a creative art-attack was bound to occur.

Tea towels, fabric paint, and brushes came home with us last night!

When new supplies are in the house it’s as if my brain instantly categorizes the new inventory and merges them with the old.

SO, out came the painters tape and silk screen templates and after about 45mins the art-attack was over!


The photos are bad…I was 10:30pm and taken with my phone!




This morning Ben saw the new tea towels drying on the table and wanted to know how I made them “all by myself”

so I gave him a little lesson and he made a few more “all by himself”.

(can’t show you all we made since a few will be going to Grandma for Mother’s day)



I want to experiment with other screen printing techniques like using fabric markers to make geometric designs

and even making my own screen using these:



Hoping that I’ve inspired you to have an art-attack today! :O)

Thanks for checking in! And happy Wednesday!!


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