Spring miniature garden(aka grownup playhouse)

I am not a green thumb gardener but this year I plan on changing my colors.

I  have been enamored with the miniatures section on etsy, impressed especial with the hand made minis.. garden fences, tiny lamp post and rustic benches that transport you to a sort of fantasy world that you design. Adding live elements makes this world come alive in a whole new way.When when I googled ‘fairy garden’ I was inspired further by these mini worlds…the cuteness, charm, quirk and most importantly..the maintainability!

 This link gave me a place to start and lots of visual inspiration:http://goodshomedesign.com/create-miniature-garden

I wanted to create three different themed pots but when I found these houses I knew they belonged together. The houses I used are in fact functioning birdhouses made for the outdoor environment by ‘Gardener’s Eden’ and their prices were surprisingly affordable ($25.00-$39.00)

If you have any questions at all, feel free to leave a message and I do my best to answer and questions you may have.

house15 house17 house18 house9 house16 house8 house7 house6 house5 house14 house4 house3 house12 house11 house2 house1 house19


4 thoughts on “Spring miniature garden(aka grownup playhouse)”

  1. I realize this is an old post, but may I ask how these cute little houses have held up outdoors? I bought a Gardeners Eden birdhouse last week but am a bit afraid to leave it outside. Like your houses, the wood “shingles” on the roof are natural/unpainted/untreated. It’s so pretty I don’t want it to be destroyed by a few well-timed April showers. Thanks for your advice!

    1. They looked like haunted houses by the time summer was overLOL…spray them with a water/weather proof coating before leaving them outside or keep them indoors. :O) Thanks for your question, hope to be helpful.

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