Makeup by Eliza Davila


A few months ago I strolled into Sephora (make up store at the mall) to replenish my foundation supply.That was where I met Eliza(pictured above)…she looked at my face and was able to give me great advice about my skin in about 10 mins..she literally blew my mind and I was completely sold because she knew what she was talking about. Her talent was undeniable and her humble confidence made her approachable and a masterclass at what she does. Getting valuable advice about my darker toned skin was not something I was expecting. I knew I had to book a consult with her !

The best advice I receive from Eliza:

Moisturize before applying makeup (makes a huge difference)

To combat dark circles(we Indian women have from birth it seems) use peach tones which will even out the purple under the eyes.

Use a brow pencil to create arches (like an instant face lift)

MVP items from Sephora for me:

Maracuja (under the covers a multitude)

Make up forever- foundation(does not look ashy or gray)

Anasacia brow pencil (brunette)

Amazon clay mascara


Just a small teaser of Eliza’s published work!

Website here:

283566_349707231787599_924628628_n 415273_255011674590489_2115959940_o



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