Country Living

Emily Dickinson HOW happy is the little stone That rambles in the road alone, And does n’t care about careers, And exigencies never fears; Whose coat of elemental brown         5 A passing universe put on; And independent as the sun, Associates or glows alone, Fulfilling absolute decree In casual simplicity.


The land of Counterpane

Today I wanted to share my favorite poem with you. It's a poem that my dad learned in school, taught us, and it's one that he can still recite  today. It's about a boy who's sick in bed but lets his imagination and toys take him away to the land of counterpane. The photo below… Continue reading The land of Counterpane

This for that..School Project

A few weeks ago my son Zack came home VERY excited about a project he had to do for class. His grade was having a bartering fair and each kid had to bring handmade items, create an advertising  poster and barter!!! We made crayons. I got all types of molds (a set of 12 for… Continue reading This for that..School Project

Conversation Hearts!

Need a clever Valentine's Day present that's super cute and inexpensive? Why not take a look at our faux candy heart rings in our newest etsy shop, Sideshows: They cost $5.99 (adult rings) and only $3.50 (for the child size version) This is a perfect favor idea and perhaps a cute romantic gift as… Continue reading Conversation Hearts!

3D Butterfly Cupcake toppers

  Just listed in our etsy shop, butterfly cake toppers that coordinate perfectly with our pinwheels (40 colors to choose from) I knew these would be a hit with my kids. After taking these photos I decided to leave a few of the cupcakes out without saying a thing. After eying them, smelling them,… Continue reading 3D Butterfly Cupcake toppers

Save the Date

I love collaborating with photographers, they know exactly what they need and have an eye for seeing the beauty in truly anything! I asked Nicole, the photographer of this session, to give me an idea of a Save the Date sign that she would like to use and this was the sign I designed for… Continue reading Save the Date