This Christmas..

It’s no secret how much I a-dore Christmas and everything that surrounds it! Last year to be  honest, I think I tried to hard to create items for my etsy shop that I thought my customers would like instead of pulling from my own creative to speak ! Last Christmas our shop did well but I was not fully satisfied with the offerings I had presented, that’s why this year you will NOT find them in my shop!  This year I did something I should have done last year, I created items I wanted and could not find! I pulled inspiration from what I found to be delightful, could fit into my decor and what my children fancied! I did not want to create a Pottery Barn interpretation of an ornament or a popular trending garland you could get everywhere. I wanted to give more of myself and my taste into our designs.

This idea (the Christmas terrarium rings) was actually birthed from a ring I made for myself and loved so much I decided to put it out there..The ring allows me to take Christmas where ever I go and since this Christmas we will be in the Caribbean,you better believe I will be sporting my snowy scene on the beach! I could not find a Christmas tree small nor cute enough to my liking …so..I made it myself to the exact specifications I was hoping for. In case you were wondering why there was a price increase for the Christmas tree ring, it’s because it was 100% handmade and took a LONG time to complete.  The mistletoe ring was a natural progression…if you can take mistletoe with you wherever you go…imagine the fun! :O)

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