Yes, a spot of tea perhaps will satisfy!

Nothing brings me comfort like a cup of tea, lots of cream and sugar please!
Perhaps it’s my British influenced heritage (Trinidad  obtained its independence from the British Empire in 1962)
or my love for a cup of anything sweet and hot..Whatever the draw, this magnificent hand painted  mug caught my eye and it was love at first sight.

The seller is Natalie and you can visit her etsy shop here:

I loved ever step of this transaction..dialoging with Natalie, receiving the package, adoring the beautiful trimmings and finding the extra sweetness she tucked inside!

Not to mention ENJOYING MY MUG!!!!!!



More about Natalie:

Natalie Butterworth’s unique range of cushions, artworks and decorative objects for the home are inspired by nature, loving sentiments and all things cosy.

The diversity of techniques and styles she incorporates in her work reflects her background in wide a range of creative arts including ceramics, jewellery making, sewing, creative writing and painting in acrylics.

She carefully designs and handcrafts each piece from her home studio in Wiltshire, using materials that are high quality and wherever possible, environmentally friendly.

To find out more about Natalie and her work vist


2 thoughts on “Yes, a spot of tea perhaps will satisfy!”

  1. oh my goodness Candace thank you so much for putting together this fantastic blog post! I am so glad that you like you mug and it is so lovely to see you enjoying your tea from it 🙂 your photographs are all amazing!

    you have been the loveliest of customers and i’ve really enjoyed chatting a little with you and also browsing your beautiful Etsy shops, you have also inspired me so much with your open friendliness and positive outlook, thank you!

    enjoy your ‘GB’ tea!

    Natalie x

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