Destination Wedding MEXICO!!!

Anugrah, the beautiful bride pictured  in white, purchased pinwheels from our shop and took them with her to MEXICO. I love the bright colors she chose for her wedding..The first picture is simply stunning, everyone looks so happy to be at this wedding! This is what Anugrah had to say about our pinwheels:

“They were so fun… we stuck some of them to the palm trees (light ropes around the tree trunks) and they spun beautifully when there’s a breeze. We also used them for center pieces for each table when everyone sat down for dinner. Some of our guests even took them back to the states as souvenirs 🙂 “

Best wishes to the happy couple and thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures with us!

Photography by Larson & Rothschild


2 thoughts on “Destination Wedding MEXICO!!!”

  1. We love your pinwheels. They are so beautifully made. Such a perfect touch for our wedding 🙂 Again, thank you for your amazing work & creativity!! With love – Anugrah & Ryan Manzke

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