DIY Map covered Ampersand

Today my ampersand arrived in the mail from:

( hand cut wood shapes)

It took me 10 mins to decorate and display it using an old map as my decorative paper.

Here’s how simple it was:

Trace shape and cut with scissors

(don’t have to be too neat with  the cutting but you should make sure the map covers the entire shape)




I used double sided tape as my adhesive of glue mess or wait time involved with tape!

Trim excess paper with scissors.



Use sandpaper.. I was out of sand paper and used a nail file which worked just as good..

Sand edges in a downward motion to smooth edges and create a flush surface (between paper and wood)

This step also gets rid of excess paper and creates a thin white edge around your shape which gives it a finished touch!


That’s it!!!!  And for $7.50 you have a unique accent piece that’s 100% handmade!!!





Take back the night..Silent auction

We were recently asked to donate a set of coasters to benefit

Ann Arbor Michigan’s Take Back the Night, a worthy cause

which  protests against sexual violence of all forms.

  I created this set to benefit the silent auction held in

Ann Arbon on April 5th, 2012.

The special edition set we are donating is called, “Home Sweet Home” 

You can click the photos at the top and bottom of this post to learn more about this cause and events

(they also have some really cool gear/apparel for purchase)

You can also click any one of my coaster photos to shop our ‘Meadow tea’ store on Etsy


Nursery Rhymes

I’m fascinated by Nursery rhymes probably because I loved them as a child. Interestingly, these rhymes have been passed down generation after generation up to 30 times (see dates below). Which ones will you pass down?


Saw the movie, ‘Once’,  last night. Once is a different love story… great movie if you like indie films, Irish accents, and non predictable endings (Once is not a Hollywood drama). The lead characters are struggling artists and their strengths as live performers is what captivated me. Here’s to great acting and singing…the movie was made for $150,000, filmed on the streets of Dublin AND it won an Oscar AND a Grammy.

The soundtrack is pretty awesome as well..just purchased these two songs on my kindle.


A new space

In an effort to create a new space for my older son (not pictured) to do his homework, I found this adorable desk that’s also functioning as a morning devotion nook for me :O) This is the before picture of our new little reading/homework space..I hope to finish it and add the ‘AFTER’ photos soon..the ampersand and gathering of books are photo inspirations of what I want this space to feel like when it’s complete. I found this GREAT FREEBIE site today and I hope to incorporate a few printables and altered art ideas I discovered here: