Birthday Rosettes preview

Don’t you just love rosettes! I know that my last post was a bit I wanted to lighten the mood a bit and  show you a preview of things to come. I love geometric shapes and bold primary colors. Here is my take on a less feminine rosette. I think I might offer these with a couple of pinwheels, perfect for a boy birthday or baby shower. My sister having a baby boy so my eyes are on all things blue at the moment :O) Enjoy…


4 thoughts on “Birthday Rosettes preview”

  1. That’s beautiful! I’d like to make one similar but “animals on parade” themed to attach to my son’s first birthday hat. Do you have any tips on how to make them? Thanks!

    1. Hi Sharon,
      I love rosettes. They are fairly simple to create. I used 3 sheets of 12″x6″ scrapbook paper to create these, scored at 1/2inch (fuller circle)
      The trickiest part was pinning the circle flat but hot glue on the front and back did the trick! Hope this helps :O)

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