Happy New Year……

The first etsy message I got this year was from Leah, a stunning Australian bride with impeccable taste. She sent me a few pictures from her wedding(see above) and my heart melted! I can’t believe this is what we get do for a living…AMAZING! I always imagine the places our paper pinwheels or hearts end up and I’m always floored by the creative and beautiful events our items attend :O) This was a great way to start the new year. My customers are true geniuses and every time I set up my space to begin creating an order you will always see a smile on my face!

We are excited to begin this new year! There is  a hopefulness about the start of a new year that I love. I know that resolutions have almost become a ‘bad word’ and it’s because we are creatures of habit and tend to break them easily. I do confess I am a resolution maker. This year I resolve to spend more quality time with my children and to cook more. I would also like to blog more…perhaps it would make me a better writer.

Until the next time..adios for now…thank you for reading and I do wish you the best year yet!!!


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