The house that I grew up in

There we many special moments we enjoyed this past Christmas in Trinidad. One of them was seeing my children play in the yard I played in as a kid . My dad put a tree house in one of the fruit trees for the kids and made a rain spout so when the rain falls… Continue reading The house that I grew up in


Mommy, the frog is doing this!

I think the caption describes this post best! This magical moment happened in Trinidad over the Christmas holidays. (I took over 700 pics) Don't worry, I will not overwhelm you will our pics... so over the next few days I'll be posting highlights from our trip. The frog ended up playing dead (I'm guessing) as… Continue reading Mommy, the frog is doing this!

Coconut Butter cake with Lime and Cream Cheese icing and Raspberry sauce

  In our effort to cook more meals at home we are discovering our sweet tooth and a passion for desserts, from scratch desserts. Tonight Zack, my 7yr old, and I came up with an idea to use whatever we had n the pantry to create something sweet. We made a traditional butter pound cake… Continue reading Coconut Butter cake with Lime and Cream Cheese icing and Raspberry sauce

Birthday Rosettes preview

Don't you just love rosettes! I know that my last post was a bit I wanted to lighten the mood a bit and  show you a preview of things to come. I love geometric shapes and bold primary colors. Here is my take on a less feminine rosette. I think I might offer these… Continue reading Birthday Rosettes preview