All the BUZZZ – Pretend help in an all-to-real world!

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There is  something about these buzzer art pieces that stir my heart! Maybe it’s the cross between old and new or the fantasy of having a maid at my beck and call..whatever the draw there is one thing I know,these are “Brilliant!”

Michael Brown is a Canadian artist and the creator of these BUZZZ designs (Love the name)  . He work outs of his home in Toronto, Ontario where he hand crafts each decorative wood and brass plaques, boxes and shelves to look like buzzers used to summon staff.

This is what Michael has to say about his work:

“I guess it’s a lot easier to explain if you look at the photos of my work! My pieces are meant to be fun and have a historic feel, and off course my off-beat sense of humor always comes through in my work …the distressing I do gives them a hand-crafted antique feeling.”

My youngest brother will be attending college in the new year and I’ve put an order in for the Butler Buzzer..I think it will add so much charm and wit to his college dorm and perhaps he might long for the comforts of home just a bit!

This is the perfect gift for any occasion. They are affordable priced art pieces AND  can be completely  personalized (Customers can choose size, color, number of hooks or clips, etc.)

A few gifting ideas:

Christmas Santa intercom (just magical for little ones and big ones alike)

House warming(love the wine cellar Buzzer for this)

Newlywed couple (his/ hers)

College student (Butler/ Jeeves/ Mom/ Maid/ Chauffeur )

Kids Room door buzzer because they love ringing your doorbell (use kids name or their fav. Super hero/ fantasy character)

Home decor (@foyer  have a hook for each family member and an extra marked for your “guest”)

Kitchen (Chef Ramsay perhaps)

Laundry room (maid service)

Office (assistant)

I can keep going but I’m sure you’ve conjured up a few creative ideas yourself….

You can visit Michael Brown’s website here:

Tel: 416 406 0169


Address: 113 Walpole Ave, Toronto, ON

Enjoy these pics and place your order in time for Valentines day..another idea (One True Love buzzer)

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