Dollar Crafts and a card box

Sometimes I get so desensitized from all the “STUFF” at the craft shops especially at Christmas time, the aisles are over stimulation to my brain, even the soothing Christmas music they play to get you in the ‘mood’ does not make me want to linger. I went into one of these shops yesterday to pick up specifically 2 items with my shopping companion Benny (he’s 3yrs old and so good to me.) Ben usually asks for nothing so when he grabbed a $1.00 DIY craft project I said,” OK..and choose one for your brother.” We came home and it was time to make the craft. We set up a work space and I daubed on the glue as he carefully placed each  foam shape exactly where he wanted it. I has a Christmas card box and some glittered snow and with that he created a little snowy scene for his snow man. We really got into it and I could not believe how much joy that dollar item brought us both!!!! ..I think when there is so much to see and buy and do during the’s when you choose to fully enjoy a moment.. that is when it really counts…Christmas does not come in a box (Grinch)

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4 thoughts on “Dollar Crafts and a card box”

  1. I love this! Such a precious memory for you with Ben, and a good reminder that Christmas memories don’t have to only come in shiny packages and bows. Your boys are beautiful by the way!

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