I’m introducing a new pennant banner option for my customers THIS WEEK that is personal(and customizable)  yet has that vintage touch we have all come to love.

I think I’ll call it the “Vintage story book banner”

The pinwheels in this picture collage along with the die cut” Happy Birthday” will be available for purchase as well. They’re new too!

Thank you for the amazing response to my humble blog! I’m not the best at it…..this I know….. but I’m glad to hear your positive feedback and see your numerous clicks :O)

x0x0 Candace


2 thoughts on “sNEAK pEEK!!!”

  1. ok, i seriously could comment on EVERY.POST, but i’ll refrain and just say YOU. ARE. AMAZING!! loving the pops of color, the texures, the shapes and the unique ideas, (especially this one)! just love it all!!

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