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Our church (CFC) started going through the book of Proverbs and showed a clip this past Sunday from ‘The Bible Project’, an awesome You Tube channel and resource for adults and kids alike. Too good not to share:



A Robin hood themed restaurant.

Date night was in the most impressive tree house. Check out Loxleys, a Robin hood themed restaurant…the ambiance was awesome, food yummy( many gluten free options) and the bar and music made us want to stay all night long…we especially liked the touch screen jukebox- the customers can DJ by making song selections for a buck.                                                          ‘Legend has it that in the 13th Century, in the area of Yorkshire England, Robin of Loxley, better known as Robin Hood, made a name for himself by lightening the purses of the wealthy to benefit the needy. Loxley’s will donate 5% of your food bill to the featured organization you choose. Being part of a legend has never been so easy or so much fun.’



2 months, 14 days married- how it’s going

So, it’s been 2 months and 14 days since Gregory and I were married.

So how’s it going?

I was asked that question last night by someone from our church small group and this was what I said-“We’ve both been married before (13 years each, before our spouses decided to split; his ex wife had an affair and my ex husband drove to Seattle to start a new life) So Greg and I know how marriage works, there are no surprises..that being said, it’s been REALLY nice. He’s so kind to us. It’s wonderful”

Greg was sitting next to me and teared up because I think a man likes to hear that he’s making his wife and family happy..and he knows it’s true not just for me, the boys are loving life together too.

Because we’ve had something to compare against.. we see the contrasts. And life together is wonderful and different and SO easy. We connect with each other in a way that neither of us knew was possible- soulmates is a good word for that. We’ve learned hard lessons from our past, our personalities work very well together, we have the same goals in life and serve the same God. We were both ready to commit to each other in marriage and we are enjoying the many blessings that God has given us.

The challenges that we face are basically this: How do we handle/navigate new or awkward situations that we’ve never been in. I think because we are both talkers- we love to explain our emotions and be understood, it helps… We talk things out till we’re both resolved and everyone feels loved. This, and giving each other the benefit of the doubt has been a wonderful way of walking through life with someone. The challenges are definitely there..being a stepmom comes with a boatload of new feelings (girls are different from boys, duh) and new situations to deal with. Knowing that Greg is always in my corner, the kids are happy, and both our parents are a huge source of love and support gives us so much confidence to face anything.

Our life is full and I am ever grateful to be right here, right this moment with you can it get any better.   Date night tonight, that’s how:)

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To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow–this is a human offering that can border on miraculous.
– Elizabeth Gilbert

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Mother’s Day 2016


My beauties surrounded me with beautiful things that touch my heart!  Can’t wait to use my 26 coupons from Ben- some are downright hilarious😉

Zachary.. my 11 year old is growing up fast- seeing the mama and baby shark  brought tears to my eyes-he’s still a softie deep down inside.

Greg took the kids to pottery works to create gifts for Mother’s day- such a great idea!..he made me one too:) ……GE is his nickname for me, only me and the kids know the meaning😉

  Every year when I plant flowers I think of my mom and what a great gardener she is.

Grace made me a DELICIOUS cake- from scratch!!!

What a blessing it is to be a part of someone’s growing up. I am blessed and grateful to be mom to Grace, Zack and Ben.

70 years young

Today my father in law is 70 years old! Charles and Erna (Mom and Dad) are some of the coolest people I know. Apart from being loving, kind, warm and welcoming they are also co-authors of a book, founders of Keystone Record Collectors, and Dad also has a successful blog about Jimmy Stewart -which he updates daily😀! If this is what 70 looks like, sign me up.

Happy Birthday Dad, you are loved!

Grandkids. (Missing Sarah to complete the bunch.)

Uncle Jeff and Ben (serious Uno competitors)

  The kids decorated the cake.
 (Greg preparing the balloons for his Dad.) yep-70 balloons 😀🎈✨