Argon oil…A-mazing!!!!

fullsizerender1-copy-21I don’t usually do reviews..BUT this one is too good not to share!

I’ve been using this brand of argon oil for about three months now on my hair (a very small amount) and skin and I LOVE the results’s not greasy and lasts for 24hrs.

I’m not into changing up my routine…still have the same face routine I had when I was 13…truly. HOWEVER..this oil is definitely part of my routine now!!!

This product is worth a try.  Amazon sells it for approx $15/bottle….check out the reviews!

Let me know what you think.


Ben is 9 today

Here’s the thing about Benjamin.

For some reason this child thinks that I can do no wrong. He envelops me with love and kisses daily. His heart is always tender towards the underdog, he is a friend to everyone and he is so perceptive… many times I wonder if he has superpowers 🙂 Ben just needs a glimpse of my face to know what mood I’m in and if I need a hug. He is highly empathetic and a giver by nature. And I am protective over him. When I feel like I can’t protect Ben, my whole foundation is shaken.

Today Ben is 9 years old and I remember his birth like it was yesterday. The first words I said to Ben were, “I am so in love with you.” And he has been reciprocating this sentiment back to me ever since. I know he will grow up one day ( all too soon) and the kisses and hugs will  become less frequent. But for today, I’ll soak it all in and enjoy my precious, gentle, always kind and caring Ben.


A Wicked Big Apple birthday ❤

My husband, Greg turned 45 yesterday…He looks amazing, doesn’t he 🙂

For his birthday I surprised him with a day in NYC. We took the train to Penn station(it was breathtaking to walk out of the station and into the heart of NYC), we did some shopping, grabbed lunch and walked to the Gershwin theater. We had sweet tickets to see Wicked…Wicked was AMAZING!  After the performance was over, we had just enough time to grab dinner at Azalea’s before hailing a pedicab back to the station (the pedicab in NY was such an experience.. let’s just say that the driver was skilled.)

The day was romantic, exciting and quite Christmassy

Enjoy our pics:


Because the holidays can bring out the worst in us!

I promise that this will help you to sanely survive dealing with people you are not too fond of i.e. certain family members, siblings, in laws, step-kids, ex’s, friends, coworkers, etc etc.

A few months ago had a series of interesting conversations with a friend, let’s call her Maria. Maria and I would find ourselves talking for hours on end about how to deal with different relationships, navigate tricky situations, accommodate everyone…it was exhausting and very time consuming…As women we feel the need to be seen as nice, notice I said ‘seen as nice.’- We would rather uphold a facade than allow the true us to be exposed. Feelings can be a very misleading marker for us to use as a compass, feelings are horrible guides because they are fickle. Sometimes we need to act intelligently and not emotionally.

Be transformed by the renewing of your feelings..oh wait no, your mind!- God

Back in November, Maria unintentionally acted intelligently instead of emotionally but was not sure if it was OK to do so. Intelligent women like you and me and Maria can for some unintelligible reason think our emotions are truer guides to use when dictating our actions. THEY’RE NOT!! We are so used to allowing our emotions to drive the car that we end up being wired as emotionally driven people when our intellect can help us maintain more authentic relationships and secure our sanity.

This was her dilemma. Back in October she was at her in laws house when she found out that her Mother in law intentionally forgot to put her on the food list for Thanksgiving dinner. My friend is an amazing cook…ouch. She told me that she deliberately left her out and it was clearly a slight intended to hurt Maria. My friend was not going to be making a dish to bring on Thanksgiving day!!!!! Not even a drink or dessert. HOWEVER…. Her response was brilliant and intelligent….Instead of allowing her mother in law to give some lame excuse for forgetting her, Maria spoke up first and said. “This works out really great. I have been so busy lately. Not having to bring a dish will really free me up and allow me to spend Thanksgiving morning watching the parade with my hubby and kids.Thank you for thinking of me.” And that was exactly what she did! She attended Thanksgiving dinner with a cheery and bubbly attitude, ate well, didn’t have to worry about bringing anything …everyone missed her cooking and made sure to let her know that…her mother in law was silent amidst her good spirits.

Maria took something that was meant to hurt and she diffused it! She didn’t stress out her husband who was surprised that she choose to simply let this one go. Also, she choose not to hurt back. Hurting people hurt others. We can’t change anyone, that’s a fact! BUT we can change, and that changes everything for us!

I was amazed and inspired by my friends mature and controlled response to something that was immature and out of her control!

SO….we talked some more and came up with a very simple way to tackle life a little differently. This intelligent approach will not only benefit you over the notoriously painful holiday season, the ones who really matter to you will benefit to.

This is what you need to do:

  1. Choose to always assume that people are acting out of your best interest (even when they’re not), and because of this assumption decide not to give annoying, or intentionally hurtful behavior any attention at all (not even in your head) that’s it!                                   You’ll be the happiest and sanest person in the room.

  2. Know what your priority is and ALWAYS give that/them your very best attention.

So, for example this is my priority list: 1.Greg 2.the boys, 3.our time as a family(I protect that), sometimes come before extended family but not before my top two priorities) 5.Friends/ Extended family,

We don’t get to choose other people’s actions but we get to choose how we interpret other peoples actions, and how we act. Know your priorities, know your boundaries(what you will allow and what you will not) Know when to speak up (I have no qualms drawing lines in the sand or being assertive only if it involves my top two priorities)

Try it out and let me know how it goes!!!

Keep in mind that genuine kindness and authentic graciousness are very uncommon traits. We are too often worried about what others think about us that there is no time to consider others. STOP THAT! 🙂 You should be loved for exactly who you are, allow people to love you, the real version.

That being said, I hope you have the best Christmas and holiday season ever!!!!

Candace 🙂



“She never stopped loving the man who never stopped dating her”-MatthewLJacobson

Date night in:

Last night we had the house all to ourselves. It was nice (and quiet… almost too quiet) We grabbed some beer, take out (@Rice and Noodles-yum) and watched ‘The Age of Adeline’ in bed. It was wonderful.

Newcastle brown ale is my new fav beer… Scrumptious 😋




Dates with Him

This weekend Greg is at a Men’s retreat with our church. It’s the first time that we’ve been apart since we got married and I miss my husband terribly. The house feels different and the boys are different too. I guess what I miss most is not being able to have date night or what we like to call, Fri-yay.

There are so many things in life that can steal your attention, time, brain space, energy. People,annoying people, family, work, situations- life is a constant barrage of information to process, decisions to make, errands to run. We can’t escape what life brings to the table, but we can choose what we eat. In other words- we get to decide who or what gets the best of us. Our kids get the best of us. And for us to be the best parents, it helps when we fill our relationship with fun, exciting, exclusive, adult time.

We know that Fridays are an investment financially but we also know that this is what we want to spend money on..It’s a rewarding investment. Also, Fridays may not always be dinner and a show. It might be a stroll in a park or a trip to the bookstore.

Fridays have become our unofficial, official date night. It’s been really nice. We found an awesome babysitter who we trust and who the boys love. As long as she shows up, we will go out 🙂 Friday nights have been an adventure- we’ve discovered that Lancaster city has much to offer. From 80’s cover bands to first rate symphony’s. We really enjoy being with each other in this way, it makes us feel like we’re still doing the dating dance. But more than the new foods and thrill of different activities, we get to enjoy the process. The planning, choosing the right outfit, the build up to our date is almost as much fun as the date itself and allowing the kids to see that we invest time in each other is very important. Greg is a very attentive husband and I get a thrill from knowing and seeing that he’s protective over me (in a healthy way). Sounds silly but it makes me feel beautiful and desired knowing that he’s always looking out for me. Going out, just the two of us, allows me to see what a gentleman he is. When a man cleans up nice, washes his car because you’ll be in it, compliments his wife at the right time, knows how to choose his whiskey, and knows how to properly smoke the occasional cigar- it’s intoxicating. Ladies- let him strut what he’s got, men need to know that you want and need them too. Your knees just might buckle when he holds the door open, looks up at you all clean and dapper and asks if you had a good time tonight.

Hebrews 13:4 Let marriage be held in honor among all

A few of our date night favs:

Tellus (80’s cover band)

The Ware Center

Mt Gretna Theatre (an open air playhouse)


Into the woods


Ere, in the northern gale,
The summer tresses of the trees are gone,
The woods of Autumn, all around our vale,
Have put their glory on.

The mountains that infold,
In their wide sweep, the coloured landscape round,
Seem groups of giant kings, in purple and gold,
That guard the enchanted ground.

I roam the woods that crown
The upland, where the mingled splendours glow,
Where the gay company of trees look down
On the green fields below.

My steps are not alone
In these bright walks; the sweet south-west, at play,
Flies, rustling, where the painted leaves are strown
Along the winding way.

And far in heaven, the while,
The sun, that sends that gale to wander here,
Pours out on the fair earth his quiet smile,–
The sweetest of the year.

Where now the solemn shade,
Verdure and gloom where many branches meet;
So grateful, when the noon of summer made
The valleys sick with heat?

Let in through all the trees
Come the strange rays; the forest depths are bright?
Their sunny-coloured foliage, in the breeze,
Twinkles, like beams of light.

The rivulet, late unseen,
Where bickering through the shrubs its waters run,
Shines with the image of its golden screen,
And glimmerings of the sun.

But ‘neath yon crimson tree,
Lover to listening maid might breathe his flame,
Nor mark, within its roseate canopy,
Her blush of maiden shame.

Oh, Autumn! why so soon
Depart the hues that make thy forests glad;
Thy gentle wind and thy fair sunny noon,
And leave thee wild and sad!

Ah! ’twere a lot too blessed
For ever in thy coloured shades to stray;
Amid the kisses of the soft south-west
To rove and dream for aye;

And leave the vain low strife
That makes men mad–the tug for wealth and power,
The passions and the cares that wither life,
And waste its little hour.

William Cullen Bryant


Zack’s 12th Birthday party🏉


Zachary Anderson was born at 3:46pm at Swedish Medical Hospital in Seattle. He loves the Seattle Seahawks and football more than anything..he’s quite good at it too. Last night as I was tucking him in I told him that I had a story for him. He loves to hear stories before bed, so he was thrilled. I pulled out his baby book and showed him pictures of the day he was born, how his dad held him like a lil football and they watched his first  game right there in the hospital room. I also told him that as much as it is his dream to play football professionally I also had a dream. My lifelong dream was to become a mom and twelve years ago he made that dream come true and I have never wanted anything as much thus far.

I am so proud of this kind, thoughtful, helpful boy. I wish him a lifetime of joy, adventure, and opportunity to use his God given strengths. I watched him head out this morning for the bus and all I could think about was how can I slow time down.